New Models Help Marketers Comply With Looming CCPA Regulations

Ad targeting across all screens made simple and accessible through AWS Marketplace

WORTHINGTON, Ohio--()--Prosper Insights & Analytics, who recently announced the launch of their Model Factory along with hundreds of privacy compliant audience models, has now gone a step further and has made the models easily available through the AWS Marketplace platform.

All of the models, which cover Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, and Political issues, are 100% privacy compliant and created from Prosper’s anonymous and large sample surveys conducted since 2002. Included among the surveys are the Monthly Consumer Survey, the Media Behaviors & Influence Survey, and the China Quarterly. Each model on Marketplace is designed to help marketers comply with the new CCPA regulations, which take effect on January 1, 2020.

“The new CCPA regulations may pose several difficult challenges for marketers, in particular, those who have relied upon cookies or certain 3rd party data,” said Gary Drenik CEO of Prosper. “All Prosper models can easily be accessed and integrated with first party data to enhance customer engagement, predict purchase intentions, and target more effectively while complying with CCPA and HIPAA regulations.”

Each of the models are created from Prosper’s unique privacy compliant dataset and developed on the AWS Sage Maker machine learning platform. Prosper’s consumer data has been used by the world’s largest retailers, investment bankers, data and technology firms, and media and entertainment companies in both the US and China since 2002.

This is the same data that serves as the retail currency for the NRF in their holiday sales forecasts, which are used with the media and investment communities. Prosper data covers all aspects of a consumer, such as beliefs, behaviors, motivations, emotions, and future intentions.

Prosper is continuing to add new models to the AWS Marketplace and will even create bespoke models for marketers who value privacy as a foundational component of customer engagement and audience activation.

To learn more, explore models and implement, please visit:

AWS Marketplace: Prosper Insights & Analytics

About Prosper:

Prosper Insights & Analytics is a global leader in consumer intent data serving financial services, marketing technology, retail and marketing industries. We provide global authoritative market information on US and China consumers via curated insights and analytics. By integrating Prosper's unique consumer data with a variety of other data, including behavioral, attitudinal and media, Prosper helps companies accurately predict consumers' future behavior, optimize marketing efforts and improve the effectiveness of demand generation campaigns.


Phil Rist

Release Summary

Ad targeting across all screens made simple and accessible through AWS Marketplace and Prosper.


Phil Rist