GenomeSmartTM and ASPiRA LABS®, a Vermillion Company, Launch Pilot Program to Improve Access to Genetic Testing

LOS ALTOS, Calif. & AUSTIN, Texas--()--GenomeSmart, a Silicon Valley-based company delivering the first and only AI-powered genetic risk assessment and test recommendation platform to improve access to genetic testing, today announced a pilot program with ASPiRA LABS®, a Vermillion company (Nasdaq: VRML), where GenomeBrainTM will be offered to a select group of providers to improve identification of patients who are at risk for hereditary cancer or passing hereditary diseases to their children.

“We’re excited to partner with GenomeSmart, a forward-looking company with exciting technology focused on improving patient care. We look forward to using GenomeBrain to educate patients of their potential hereditary risk and to facilitate access to genetic testing, especially in ovarian cancer,” said Lesley Northrop, Ph.D., FACMG, Global Medical Director, Genetic Services at Vermillion Inc. “ASPiRA Labs is focused on offering innovative solutions to help physicians assess risk, optimize patient management and improve gynecologic health outcomes, and we believe this pilot program underscores our commitment to supporting providers with best-in-class tools.”

The pilot program, open to select customers of ASPiRA Labs, will utilize GenomeBrain, a technology-enabled risk assessment program offering a simpler, faster way to identify patients for genetic testing. The GenomeBrain Platform will be incorporated into the current patient workflow at each provider’s office and evaluated for effectiveness and ease of use.

The GenomeBrain Platform can be accessed online through a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop device. The simplified experience first builds a patient profile, including relevant personal medical history, family medical history, ethnicity and age, and then instantly matches at-risk patients to the appropriate genetic tests based on the latest medical guidelines for genetic testing. GenomeBrain uses artificial intelligence to analyze and process large sets of data including patient history, commercially available genetic tests, and medical guidelines to deliver results in minutes, compared to several days when evaluating the same data manually.

“We’re pleased to have ASPiRA LABS as our first pilot with a genetic testing lab,” said Sanjay Sathe, CEO and co-founder, GenomeSmart. “The team’s commitment to patients, physicians and their customers is evident in all of their actions and efforts. We look forward to using the information from this program to continue our commercialization and future development.”

About GenomeSmart

GenomeSmart is on a mission to make genetic testing available to everyone. In May 2019, the company launched GenomeBrainTM, the first and only AI-powered genetic risk assessment and test recommendation platform that matches and identifies people who could benefit from genetic testing. The affordable GenomeBrain Platform multi-functional solution is available to help genetic counselors, physicians, hospital systems, genetic testing labs, insurance companies, and corporations improve the effective use of genetic testing to save lives, improve quality and reduce costs of healthcare.

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About Vermillion

Vermillion, Inc. is transforming women’s health with the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative testing options and bio-analytical solutions that help physicians assess risk, optimize patient management and improve gynecologic health outcomes for women. OVA1®plus combines our FDA-cleared products OVA1® and OVERA® to detect risk of ovarian malignancy in women with adnexal masses. Recently launched, ASPiRA GenetiXSM testing offers both targeted and comprehensive genetic testing options with a gynecologic focus. With over 10 years of expertise in ovarian cancer risk assessment Vermillion has expertise in cutting-edge research to inform our next generation of products. Our focus is on delivering products that allow healthcare providers to stratify risk, facilitate early detection and optimize treatment plans.

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Ana Vacaflores, GenomeSmart


Ana Vacaflores, GenomeSmart