Motif Launches the First Free Direct Indexing Product With $10,000 Minimum

The Motif 500 gives direct large-cap U.S. market exposure and leverages Motif’s patented fractional share technology

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Motif, a creator of breakthrough, data-driven financial products for individual investors and financial institutions, announced the launch of the Motif 500, the first free direct index portfolio, that uses a proprietary algorithm to track the 500 largest market cap companies. Their latest product offers investors all of the benefits of U.S. market exposure, with a minimum of $10,000.

“Until now, direct indexing adoption has been limited by high minimums — typically $250,000 or greater,” said Hardeep Walia, CEO & Founder of Motif. “Bringing together our expertise in indexing and our patented fractional share technology, we’ve made direct indexing free for all investors.”

Over the last decade, Motif has built outperforming portfolios — around themes, investing styles, and multi-asset models — with low minimums. Their latest product builds on their past offerings and includes 500 stocks with U.S. market exposure, all in one account.

“Unlike a mutual fund or ETF where you pay to get indirect ownership, the Motif 500 lets you own the underlying stocks in one account for free,” said Walia. “Owning the underlying companies means you can tax optimize or customize to meet specific goals.”

In addition to offering the Motif 500 for free, the company plans to launch other services like tax-loss harvesting and customization. Investors can choose to customize their holdings or apply SRI screens.

The Motif 500 direct index portfolio complements the company’s flagship product, Motif Thematic Portfolios, and is available now for free at Custom tilts and tax-loss harvesting will be available early next year for an additional fee.

About Motif

Motif uses breakthrough technology and data science to build innovative investment products for individuals, institutions, and advisors. Today over 350,000 customers trust Motif with their investing. Current board members include former Securities Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt and former Boston Consulting Group Chairman & CEO Carl Stern. Motif is a FINRA registered broker-dealer and an SEC-registered institutional investment advisor, headquartered in San Mateo, California. To learn more about opportunities at Motif, please visit

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