Automated Insights Launches Wordsmith Go to Generate Natural Language in Company Dashboards

Debuting at the 2019 Tableau Conference, Wordsmith Go Provides Automated Notes About Data Visualizations Directly into Tableau Dashboards

DURHAM, N.C.--()--Automated Insights, a Stats Perform company and the leading natural language generation (NLG) provider for business intelligence, today launched Wordsmith Go, a Tableau extension that generates natural language about data visualizations directly into company dashboards. Wordsmith Go will be demoed at the Tableau Conference in Las Vegas, NV at booth 626 in the Data Village, and already has several clients signed to use the service.

Wordsmith Go uses the latest in NLG innovation to cut through complex dashboards to automate written insights that note key trends in the data and reduce dashboard viewer misinterpretation. Wordsmith Go notes update with filter and selection changes as viewers explore the dashboard, providing a relevant narrative about the visualization at hand. As organizations look to create and share complex company dashboards, Wordsmith Go provides a fast and accessible written tool that multiple audiences can use and understand to create data-driven decisions across their organization.

“Companies today must navigate an enormous amount of data to make informed decisions about the direction of their organization, but using complex dashboards can cause confusion among a broader, non-analytical focused audience,” Michael Soluri vice president of global NLG sales at Automated Insights said. “Using Wordsmith Go, analysts can be confident when sharing their findings with detailed notes that appear at the click of a button and help the audience find the answers for themselves, minimizing the time spent asking questions. Wordsmith Go creates a true end-to-end offering, using natural language generation to make sense of the data so companies can quickly make intelligent decisions.”

Automated Insights offers Wordsmith Go through an enterprise offering, creating advanced customization and editing capabilities allowing organizations to formalize offerings for their audience. Wordsmith Go notes can be exported into Automated Insights’ full Wordsmith solution. The product works with Tableau (version 2018.2 and later) as an extension that can be dragged into a working dashboard.

“Wordsmith Go represents the latest installment of our NLG platform that automatically creates written narrative from data so that organizations can make informed decisions faster,” Cory Bullock Wordsmith product owner at Automated Insights said. “We continue to use intuitive AI-powered technology in our NLG system to make sense of the data and generate easy-to-follow insights, simplifying the explanation process for analysts. With Wordsmith Go notes and captions, users can automatically see what’s important in a dashboard and feel confident sharing them with a non-analytical focused audience. Wordsmith Go notes can also be exported into the full Wordsmith solution, creating the first true end-to-end solution using the industry-leading flexibility of our enterprise tool.”

Automated Insights will be demoing Wordsmith Go at the 2019 Tableau Conference in Las Vegas, NV at booth 626 in the Data Village.


Established in 2007 and headquartered in Durham, N.C., Automated Insights is the creator of Wordsmith, the world’s first self-service natural language generation platform for business intelligence. Automated Insights empowers organizations to generate human-sounding narratives from data, making it easy to produce real-time, written analytics, personalized reports, and stories at scale. The Wordsmith platform is utilized by companies such as Allstate, Associated Press, and Cisco to increase organizational data literacy and broaden the adoption of business intelligence software. For more information, visit


Reed Findlay, Stats Perform Corporate Communications Manager / +1 847-583-2642


Reed Findlay, Stats Perform Corporate Communications Manager / +1 847-583-2642