Mythical Games Announces integration of Microsoft Azure Blockchain Tokens with dGoods Standard

LOS ANGELES--()--Mythical Games ( today announces that it is strengthening its dGoods standard by leveraging Microsoft Azure Blockchain Tokens, a new offering from Microsoft that enables organizations to leverage the Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF) to digitize physical and digital assets. This integration marks an important milestone in Mythical’s efforts to standardize how games and game economies are built using blockchain, bringing robust tools to support the games industry at large.

With this announcement, game developers are now able to use Azure Blockchain Tokens to create rich, dGoods- and TTF-compatible game economies in an effort to foster the fast-growing global marketplace of digital assets between creators, consumers and game developers. The dGoods standard (short for “Digital Goods”) was developed by Mythical Games as a step towards a commercially endorsed benchmark for creating, managing and distributing in-game assets on the blockchain, giving access to a wide array of options for creating digital item economies and game experiences.

"By leveraging the TTF-based Microsoft Azure Blockchain Tokens service in combination with Mythical Games' open-source dGoods standard, we can allow for a simple way to tokenize any type of asset in a game, creating new opportunities in and out of the game for players and content creators to participate in player-owned economies. The items that players earn in video games can be as diverse as our imaginations allow. When tokenizing game items, it's important to us as game creators that we're able to have a palette of tools to build an economy that fits our game and players." - Rudy Koch, Vice President of Marketplace Services at Mythical Games.

Marc Mercuri, Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain, Microsoft Corp. said, “With Microsoft Azure Blockchain Tokens, we’re enabling organizations to more easily take advantage of blockchain across a wide range of scenarios, based on a standardized framework that allows for interoperability between ledgers, By tokenizing in-game assets, Mythical Games is using its dGoods Standard to solve the industry-wide challenge of ensuring both players and creators get to benefit from the value of items acquired in games.”

dGoods is an open source standard for providing player ownership and liquidity of digital goods with large-scale commercial use cases in mind. With dGoods, Mythical Games is laying down the foundation for new in-game economies to emerge. By tokenizing in-game items using dGoods, players and creators get to participate in the lifetime value of the items and achievements they acquire in games. dGoods is available as an open source software license for developers at

Azure Blockchain Tokens, now in preview, provides a way to tokenize physical and digital assets, manage these tokens and share them across multiple blockchain platforms by using the Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF) standards. With Azure Blockchain Tokens, Microsoft is enabling organizations to create, manage and define tokens within Ethereum blockchains, such as those found in Azure Blockchain Service.

About Mythical Games:

Acknowledged by Forbes as one of the Disruptive Technology Companies To Watch in 2019, Mythical Games is enabling a gaming ecosystem that brings players, creators, brands and game developers together through personalized experiences and content. Led by gaming industry veterans, the team specializes in building games around player-owned economies and has helped develop major franchises including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Marvel Strike Force, Skylanders and Minecraft: Story Mode. For more information, visit: or follow Mythical on Twitter.

Mythical’s first game ‘Blankos Block Party’ is an MMO set in a vibrant online world of toys built on the Mythical platform where players can compete in games, create their own game play, and blend digital vinyl toys called Blankos. To show the power of Mythical’s vision of player-owned economies, this initial game transforms the relationship of game economies for brands, influencers, and players. For more information or interest in participating in the upcoming beta release, visit:, or follow Blankos on Twitter or Discord.


Nicole Yang, Marketing


Nicole Yang, Marketing