Non-Profit Good Today Launches New Product to Inspire Daily Giving at Companies

Good Today Aims to Reimagine the Traditional Corporate Social Responsibility Model

LOS ANGELES--()--Good Today is a subscription-based nonprofit that allows everyone to be a philanthropist for as little as 25¢ a day. On a daily basis, Good Today features one cause and two charities tackling the issue in a different way. Users click to choose where to direct their daily donation.

Launching today, Good Today for Teams is a turnkey solution for corporate social responsibility. The platform is already utilized by 20+ companies including launch partners Shutterstock, Jefferies, Splash, and Live Nation’s Maverick. Good Today Co-Founder Joe Teplow explains that the new product’s goal is to “cultivate a habit and culture of giving across teams at any stage.”

Corporations and businesses sponsor each of their employees’ 25¢ donation each day. Teams can opt to receive Good Today either via Slack or e-mail, and employees simply click within the interactive message to direct their daily donation.

Giving should be something we do every day, not once in a while. Good Today makes it easy for everyone to start their journey towards being a giver,” says Sean Rad, Co-Founder of Good Today. Teams are already seeing 30-50% of their employees engage with Good Today and make their daily choice, enabling them to start the day with a dose of perspective.

“Good Today inspires and educates,” said Ashton Kutcher, partner at Sound. “It starts the day with a sense of gratitude and contribution to the greater good that generates positive returns in your day and life.”

With thousands of current members, the team believes that partnering with companies will put them on the path to become one of the biggest grantmaking organizations globally. “It’s an accessible, daily gateway to philanthropy and activism that taps into the power of a collective,” said Good Today Co-Founder Guy Oseary. “Together, we don’t just help one charity, but 730 charities per year while supporting 365 different causes. As the community grows, the impact becomes more substantial.”

Good Today is also announcing a new creative direction by partners Spring Studios. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to release the branding created by Andreas Neophytou and Spring Studios,” said Joe Teplow, Co-Founder of Good Today.


About Good Today
Good Today ( is a subscription-based nonprofit platform that allows everyone to be a philanthropist for as little as 25¢ a day. Users choose their daily donation amount and direct it to one of the two featured charities of the day. Nearly 3,000 charities have been featured on the Good Today platform. Good Today was founded by Joe Teplow, Joe Benun, Jeff Dobrinsky, Sean Rad, Guy Oseary, and Molly Swenson.

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