TCS World Travel Announces 2021 Expedition Schedule

Leading Private Tour Operator Introduces New Groundbreaking Itineraries Celebrating Unparalleled Destinations Around the Globe

TCS World Travel announces new groundbreaking itineraries for 2021. (Photo: Business Wire)

SEATTLE--()--TCS World Travel announces today its highly anticipated 2021 schedule of global and regional journeys. The world leader in private jet expeditions, the company presents a groundbreaking lineup of new itineraries.

The dynamic new itineraries include a once-in-a-lifetime trip that touches down on all seven of the world’s continents; one that highlights some of the planet’s most magnificent creatures in their natural habitats; and an all-new series of thematic trips based around wine, spirits, food and even the Christmas markets of Europe. The company is also offering some shorter trips of 13 to 15 days, providing a convenient alternative for guests with less time to get away. All guests will travel aboard TCS’ fleet of private luxury aircrafts.

“As part of our ongoing mission to listen to our guests, our 2021 schedule has been carefully curated based on feedback from traveler surveys and further shaped by our Innovation Board of travel experts,” said TCS World Travel President Shelley Cline. “Guests will have the opportunity to discover a wide range of fascinating destinations through elevated on-the-ground experiences.”

For over 25 years, TCS World Travel has embodied the explorer’s spirit by taking guests to unique destinations around the globe. The 2021 itineraries continue this legacy with stops in trending destinations like Luxor, Egypt and Luang Prabang, Laos, as well as forge new paths to remote treasures like Nosy Be, Madagascar; Dushanbe, Tajikistan; the Atacama Desert, Chile; Leh, India and more.

For the first time, TCS will offer a selection of bespoke special-interest trips in partnership with leading industry travel and lifestyle publications, including Wine Spectator and AFAR. The new TCS wine-focused trip with Wine Spectator will introduce guests to exclusive experiences at some of the best wineries in Australia and New Zealand. Through the new partnership with AFAR, guests will be able to create connections with local artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders who will bring life to emerging destinations such as the Faroe Islands; Beirut, Lebanon; and Tbilisi, Georgia. In addition, TCS’s Seven Continents by Private Jet trip will partner with sister-company Quark Expeditions to include a seven-day cruise to Antarctica aboard the cutting-edge World Explorer polar expedition ship.

Each of TCS World Travel’s trips is all-inclusive of private flights, best-available accommodations, ground transportation, dedicated staff and guides, dining, exclusive sightseeing options, special events and activities, enrichment programs and more.

For additional information or to inquire about any of the following itineraries, please visit or call 866-875-5238.

New 2021 Private Jet Expedition Schedule

Each of these inspired itineraries takes guests around the globe, across a continent or deeper into a country or region on a customized aircraft with flatbed or business-class seats.

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  • CAPE TO CAIRO: OCTOBER 2, 2020 – OCTOBER 16, 2020 | 15 DAYS | 28 GUESTS | $89,950
    Encounter the incredible diversity of the African continent as you travel from Cape Town to Cairo. Seek out a dramatic array of wildlife in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and northern Kenya, recharge on Mozambique’s tropical beaches, and marvel at ancient wonders like the Great Pyramids and the rock-hewn churches of Ethiopia.
    Cape Town, South Afrika · Okavango Delta, Botswana · Mapunto, Mozambique · Laikipia, Kenya · Addis Ababa and Lalibela, Ethiopia · Cairo and Luxor, Egypt · London, England
    Enjoy exclusive access to wineries and private, behind-the-scenes experiences on a trip by private jet through Australia and New Zealand. Curated by Wine Spectator and operated by the experts at TCS World Travel, this expedition explores some of the most sought-after wineries of the region, while also including spectacular resorts, up-and-coming arts scenes and stunning landscapes. This expedition will be hosted by Australian wine expert Peter Bourne
    ydney, Australia · Barossa Valley, Australia · Mornington Peninsula, Australia · Hobart, Tasmania · Marlborough, New Zealand · Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand · Auckland, New Zealand
  • WINTER WONDERS BY PRIVATE JET: DECEMBER 1, 2020 – DECEMBER 14, 2020 | 14 DAYS | 28 GUESTS | $89,950
    Take time to enjoy the best the season offers, from the ethereal Northern Lights in the dark skies of Iceland and Finland, to the famed Christmas markets of Copenhagen and Vienna, to the charming winter streets of Paris.
    New York, New York · South Iceland · Copenhagen, Denmark · Saariselkä, Finland · Vienna, Austria · Paris, France · New York, New York
  • AROUND THE WORLD LUXURY EDITION: JANUARY 1, 2021 – JANUARY 25, 2021 | 25 DAYS | 52 GUESTS | $134,950
    Discover a life list of iconic destinations on our flagship journey, reimagined to even greater heights. Travel aboard our jet, with flatbed seating for a more intimate group of 52, and unwind in stunning, smaller properties in select locations, all while exploring nine of the world’s most legendary places and natural wonders.
    Orlando, Florida · Cusco and Machu Picchu or North Coast, Peru or La Paz, Bolivia · Easter Island, Chile · Apia, Samoa · Lizard Island and Great Barrier Reef, Australia · Angkor Wat, Cambodia · Taj Mahal, India · Masai Mara, Kenya · Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan · Marrakech, Morocco · Orlando, Florida
  • SEVEN CONTINENTS BY PRIVATE JET: JANUARY 26, 2021 – FEBRUARY 22, 2021 | 28 DAYS | 52 GUESTS | $164,950
    Touch down on all seven continents in a single epic journey that reimagines the Grand Tour for the 21st century. Uncover the many wonders of our world, from the ancient Pyramids and the moai of Easter Island to the ethereal landscapes of Antarctica, considered by many to be travel’s last frontier. Experience dynamic cultures along the way, from ancient Omani traditions to the emerging food and wine scene in Melbourne and Santiago.
    Miami, Florida · Santiago, Chile · Antarctica Cruise · Easter Island, Chile · Nadi, Fiji · Melbourne, Australia · Langkawi, Malaysia · Muscat, Oman · Luxor and the pyramids, Egypt · London, England
  • UNCHARTED SOUTH AMERICA: FEBRUARY 12, 2021 – FEBRUARY 25, 2021 | 14 DAYS | 28 GUESTS | $89,950
    Travel by private jet to experience the hidden gems of South America. Fly direct from trending urban capitals to lunar-like landscapes, from translucent lakes to European-influenced cities, all while immersing in the diverse cultures, cuisines and natural wonders of this fascinating continent.
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida · Bogotá, Colombia · Atacama Desert, Chile · San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina · Montevideo, Uruguay · Salvador de Bahia, Brazil · Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • ANIMALS OF THE WORLD BY PRIVATE JET: FEBRUARY 25, 2021 – MARCH 16, 2021 | 20 DAYS | 52 GUESTS | $136,950
    Travel the world on an expedition in pursuit of some of the planet’s most magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. Experience the awe of sighting megafauna like gorillas and tigers in the wild, and delight in encounters with lemurs, stingless jellyfish and a stunning variety of birds as you journey by private jet across the Northern Pacific, Asia and Africa.
    Kona, Hawaii · Koror, Palau · Chengdu, China · Ranthambore National Park, India · Jaipur, India · Volcanoes National Park or Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda · Nosy Be, Madagascar · Kruger National Park, South Africa · Cape Town, South Africa
    Discover the history and culture of eight countries through their food and drink. From Mexican mezcal and Peruvian pisco to Scottish whisky and Polish vodka, learn how each spirit expresses the unique qualities of the landscape and people that produce it.
    Louisville, Kentucky · Oaxaca, Mexico · Ica, Peru · Martinique · Saõ Miguel, Azores · Scottish Highlands · Warsaw, Poland · London, England
  • THE CROSSROADS OF THE MIDDLE EAST: MARCH 13, 2021 – MARCH 26, 2021 | 14 DAYS | 28 GUESTS | $89,950
    Explore an ancient crossroads of civilizations on a journey that delves into the rich history and cultures of the Middle East by private jet.
    London, England · Jerusalem, Israel · Wadi Rum, Jordan · Luxor and the Pyramids, Egypt · Fes, Morocco · London, England
  • WONDERS OF AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND: APRIL 6, 2021 – APRIL 26, 2021 | 21 DAYS | 47 GUESTS | $84,950
    Go “down under” to discover the dramatic landscapes and vibrant cultures of Australia and New Zealand on a private jet journey across this spectacular continent.
    Sydney, Australia · Hobart, Tasmania · Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia · Kangaroo Island, Australia · Cairns and Daintree Rainforest, Australia · Hamilton Island and Great Barrier Reef, Australia · Lake Taupo, New Zealand · Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand · Queenstown and Milford Sound, New Zealand · Auckland, New Zealand
  • ASIA UNEXPLORED: MARCH 21, 2021 – APRIL 10, 2021 | 21 DAYS | 52 GUESTS | $124,950
    Take the path less traveled across Asia by private jet, uncovering the diversity of the continent, from the remote mountains of Bhutan and the beaches of Langkawi to the high-tech architecture of Singapore and the ancient ruins of South India.
    Dubai, UAE · Hampi, India · Singapore · Bohol, Philippines · Langkawi, Malaysia · Luang Prabang, Laos · Kathmandu, Nepal · Paro, Bhutan or Pokhara, Nepal · Dushanbe, Tajikistan · Istanbul, Turkey
  • EUROPE AND THE LEVANT BY PRIVATE JET: APRIL 12, 2021 – APRIL 27, 2021 | 16 DAYS | 52 GUESTS | $109,950
    Embark on a springtime adventure through the heart of Europe, uncovering the continent’s rich history, local traditions and food culture. Go beyond the ordinary in iconic cities like Paris and Amsterdam and explore lesser-known gems like Italy’s romantic Puglia region, Spain’s Costa del Sol and the Irish countryside.
    Paris, France · Amsterdam, Netherlands · Adare, Ireland · Málaga, Spain · Shaharut, Israel · Puglia, Italy · London, England
  • ADVENTURE ASIA: JUNE 15, 2021 – JUNE 29, 2021 | 15 DAYS | 32 GUESTS | $92,950
    Discover subterranean cities, attend a high-desert polo match in the foothills of the Himalaya, cycle through the hidden neighborhoods of Bangkok, explore your own private island, and swing through the forest canopy in Bali as you take a walk on the wild side of Asia.
    London, England · Cappadocia, Turkey · Delhi, India · Leh, India or Rijistan, India · Bangkok, Thailand · Koh Rong Archipelago or Kirirom National Park, Cambodia · Bali, Indonesia · Singapore
  • FLAVORS OF THE WORLD BY PRIVATE JET: JUNE 28, 2021 – JULY 12, 2021 | 14 DAYS | 32 GUESTS | $89,950
    Embark on a gastronomic journey that explores six diverse culinary destinations. As you sample the street food of Singapore and Bangkok, uncover hidden foodie gems like Amman and experience the pintxo traditions of Spain’s Basque Country, discover the inseparable link between cultures and their cuisines.
    Singapore · Bangkok, Thailand · Amman, Jordan · Tbilisi, Georgia · Stockholm, Sweden · San Sabastian, Spain · Madrid, Spain
  • NORDIC TREASURES BY PRIVATE JET: JULY 11, 2021 – JULY 24, 2021 | 14 DAYS | 32 GUESTS | $89,950
    From the wilds of the windswept Faroe Islands and the majestic fjords of Norway to the hallmarks of Swedish arts and culture, revel in the riches of scenic Scandinavia.
    Copenhagen, Denmark · Faroe Islands, Denmark · Hardanger, Norway · Stockholm, Sweden · Savonlinna, Finland · Gothenburg, Sweden · Copenhagen, Denmark
    Join TCS World Travel and the founders of critically acclaimed AFAR magazine on a first-of-its-kind private jet expedition to culturally-rich destinations. Celebrate these locales through immersive activities introducing you to local artists, entrepreneurs and community leaders. Come away with a deeper connection to the places you visit and memories that will last a lifetime.
    London, England · Faroe Islands · Beirut, Lebanon · Tbilisi, Georgia · Puglia, Italy · London, England

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