Left Brain Capital Management Announces Launch of High-Return Investment Research Firm

CHICAGO--()--Left Brain Capital Management, an independent asset management firm, is pleased to announce the formation of a new company created to provide premium investment reports for portfolio managers seeking high-return investment opportunities. Left Brain Investment Research (LBIR) leverages an award-winning team of investment analysts to generate independent ideas for growth stocks and high yield bonds.

Success of the firm’s Left Brain Capital Appreciation Fund and a mandate for superior capital appreciation compelled management to create Left Brain Investment Research.

Noland Langford, founder and CEO of Left Brain Capital Management, said, “Our investment mandate required superior capital appreciation and independent thinking - when we looked for this research externally, the results were suboptimal. We created Left Brain Investment Research out of a market void for the research we needed for our funds – today we use Left Brain reports to manage our investment vehicles and have experienced outstanding results.”

Since 2016, Left Brain Capital Management has won multiple awards for top performance from Preqin, Barclay Hedge, and HFM Global.

Unique, High-Return Equity and Debt Research Reports
The Left Brain team currently publishes a premium monthly report called “The Chosen.” This report provides access to Left Brain’s monthly top ideas for growth stocks and/or high yield bonds and includes 100% of LBIR stock and bond reports.

The Chosen Stock Report focuses on disruptive growth stocks. This report covers companies that are leaders in disruptive growth industries with large and expanding total addressable markets and have the potential to double in two to three years.

The Chosen Bond Report focuses on high yield bonds. This is one of the more idiosyncratic and inefficient areas of the market. However, these securities can offer high yields plus impressive price appreciation. This report targets bonds with equity-like returns.

Built for Hedge Funds and Portfolio Managers
The Left Brain Investment Research team provides deep-dive investment reports built specifically for hedge funds, brokerage firms, investment banks, and portfolio managers seeking high-return and independent investment analysis. Left Brain content is designed to be palatable for time-crunched portfolio managers who need to balance administrative, research, and client needs. In addition to deep-dive stock analysis, Left Brain research reports contain a Grab and Go thesis and Talking Points to provide concise explanations for the logic behind their views.

Free Month of Research for Qualified Investors
During the launch of Left Brain Investment Research, the Company is offering qualified investors a one month trial of The Chosen, the company’s premier investment report. Eligible participants can choose to receive The Chosen Stock Reports or The Chosen Bond Reports, representing a $600 monthly value. For more information on this opportunity, please contact Freddy Garcia at (630) 517-9298 / freddyg@leftbrainwm.com.

About Left Brain Investment Research
Left Brain Investment Research provides high-return investment reports for investment advisors, asset managers, hedge funds, brokerage firms, investment banks, and portfolio managers seeking independent investment analysis. For more information, please visit www.leftbrainir.com or contact Freddy Garcia at (630) 517-9298 / freddyg@leftbrainwm.com.

About Left Brain Capital Management
Left Brain Capital Management is an independent investment management firm founded by Noland Langford in 2014. The firm serves high net worth individuals and is guided by differentiated thinking to the mainstream investment ethos that prevails today. The Left Brain Capital Appreciation Fund is designed to maximize returns by focusing on a concentrated portfolio that is long biased. Using a proprietary system, the fund chooses holdings based on a mix of Fundamental, Technical, and Quantitative factors, and evaluates securities in both the equities and debt markets. The fund has won multiple awards for top performance. For more information, contact Freddy Garcia (630-517-9298 / freddyg@leftbrainwm.com) or visit www.leftbraincapitalmanagement.com.

Media Contact
To schedule an interview or learn more about Left Brain Investment Research or the Left Brain group of companies, please contact John Kowalik at (314) 229-3740 / jk@kowalik.co.


John Kowalik
T: 314-229-3740
E: jk@kowalik.co

Release Summary

Chicago hedge fund announces new investment research company focused on growth stocks and high yield bonds. Now offering free month of opportunities.


John Kowalik
T: 314-229-3740
E: jk@kowalik.co