BrightPlan Smart Budget™ Added To Revolutionary Financial Wellness Platform For Fortune 1000

BrightPlan Continues Build-Out Of Solution That Improves The Top and Bottom Line

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--BrightPlan, the Silicon Valley technology company revolutionizing financial wellness benefits for the Fortune 1000, today unveiled the BrightPlan Smart Budget™, a simplified, ground-breaking approach to budgeting that puts employees in command of their personal finances.

Embedded in BrightPlan’s enterprise-class platform, the Smart Budget creates a personalized, always-current budget that helps employees manage spending so that they can fund their high- priority financial goals. Low maintenance and easy-to-use, Smart Budget automatically builds an ongoing budget based on spending history from bank and credit card accounts linked to BrightPlan. Importantly, Smart Budget avoids the pitfalls of the unnecessary effort and complexity common in standalone budgeting applications that often leads users to abandon their budgeting discipline.

Powered by cognitive computing and AI, Smart Budget delivers multiple benefits. BrightPlan automates the entire budgeting process and saves hours of data gathering on individual expenses. Smart Budget tracks spending against budget in real-time and alerts employees of overspending, so smarter decisions can be made. Together, all of these two capabilities help employees build wealth and invest in life’s most important goals.

Marthin De Beer, Founder and CEO of BrightPlan, said: “The BrightPlan Smart Budget is another game-changing innovation that is redefining financial wellness. Budget discipline is a fundamental building block of financial well-being and wealth creation. The advanced technology that powers Smart Budget is one more way BrightPlan reduces financial stress for employees and gives employers an advantage in attracting and retaining talent.”

Larry Robinson, Chief Product Officer, said: “Smart Budget builds a budget for employees, so they don’t have to. Smart Budget helps employees understand and prioritize spending, so they can achieve their most important financial goals. When employees see where their money goes, they can change their behavior and make better decisions. Unlike complex budgeting tools that fall into disuse, Smart Budget is simple to use and requires minimal upkeep. Smart Budget organizes an individual’s entire financial life to help them reach their long-term goals.”

Smart Budgeting is the latest addition to the BrightPlan Platform. In August, the company launched the BrightPlan Financial Wellness Coach™, which creates a strategic, personalized financial plan for employees and provides ongoing guidance and actionable next steps. Smart Budget and Spending Analysis helps bring the discipline necessary to keep this financial plan on track.

At the same time in August, the company launched the patent-pending BrightPlan Financial Wellness Score™. The employee Financial Wellness Score encourages employees to take steps to increase their score and financial well-being. The employer Financial Wellness Score uses anonymized employee data to identify gaps in the financial wellness of employee groups. With those insights, BrightPlan can help employers offer financial education to employees, promote existing, under-utilized benefits, or recommend new benefits.

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About BrightPlan

BrightPlan LLC is revolutionizing financial wellness programs designed for the Fortune 1000. Led by a team of experienced Silicon Valley executives and technology innovators, BrightPlan’s SaaS-based platform powers growth by increasing profitability and helping employers attract and retain talent. BrightPlan worked closely with Plancorp, a 35-year old Registered Independent Advisor (RIA), to digitize its approach to offer goals-based financial planning, investment advice, automated investing; spending analysis and budgeting tools; and extensive financial education to improve decision-making. Employees also have access to a team of financial advisors from Plancorp. BrightPlan and Plancorp are subsidiaries of Prumentum Group. BrightPlan is the nation's first digital advisor to become certified by the Center for Fiduciary Excellence ( More information is available at


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Release Summary

BrightPlan unveiled the BrightPlan Smart Budget™, a simplified, new approach to budgeting that puts employees in command of their personal finances.


Greg Berardi, Blue Marlin Partners, 415.239.7826