Circular Carbon Network Publishes New, Global Carbontech Company Index 

Directory Lists Carbontech Businesses and Investment Opportunities

NEW YORK--()--During Climate Week 2019, the $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE is revealing its new Circular Carbon Network (CCN) Company Index and Deal Hub -- a database of 250+ companies working to capture, use, reuse, and sequester the world’s excess CO2 in a broad range of products and materials that society needs. As the largest and most comprehensive list of such companies ever aggregated to date, the CCN Company Index and Deal Hub provide a new view of the emerging carbon economy, and identify investment opportunities in the space.

According to the most recent global studies, scientists now estimate that to avoid catastrophic climate change in the decades to come, we must not only reduce global CO2 emissions, but we must also need to be removing billions of tons of CO2 annually from the atmosphere and oceans. This is CO2 that has already been added to Earth’s atmosphere and oceans over the past 150 years. This presents a massive, nearly unprecedented challenge to our species. But it also represents a historic, trillion dollar opportunity, arguably the largest economic opportunity of the next hundred years.

An initial survey of the data collected by CCN reveals that more than $2 billion has been invested to date in these “circular carbon” companies. This sector is growing rapidly and has the potential to be one of the most important industries of the 21st century. CO2 products present diverse and significant opportunities for investors, including a 2017 total addressable market of $6 trillion globally, according to an analysis by Carbon180.

The Circular Carbon Network focuses on articulating needs and opportunities for both investors and startups, with the ultimate goal of sparking capital investment for innovations that generate economic value by reducing, using and converting CO2 emissions, including breakthroughs that convert CO2 into valuable products developed by teams competing in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE.

CCN has documented and analyzed the rise of the carbon economy, and published reports summarizing industry perspectives on carbon conversion and ways to unlock capital investment in this nascent, yet potentially massive market. With its new Company Index and Deal Hub, CCN provides industry stakeholders, including circular carbon companies, investors, corporations, and others, greater insight into the industry’s overall status, growth, and current opportunities.

An analysis of the preliminary data in the Circular Carbon Company Index strongly suggests that, while it is still early days, this sector is beginning to grow, scale, and diversify significantly, creating opportunities for innovators, investors, and commercial partners in many dimensions. Some highlights include:

  1. The overall carbontech industry provides a wide variety of products to a wide range of customers from building materials to hygiene products.
  2. Circular Carbon Companies have raised over $2B from a wide range of capital providers.


    Count of Companies

    Capital Raised to Date (millions USD)










    North America



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    (89 Companies Reporting Capital Raise Data)

  3. We identified 89 carbontech companies willing to share capital raise data.Collectively they are seeking to raise more than $430M in corporate equity, debt, and project finance across varying investment stages (Seed to Series D) from a variety of capital providers ranging from Angels to Private Equity.

About The Circular Carbon Network (CCN)

The Circular Carbon Network is an initiative of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE designed to bring together diverse industry leaders and stakeholders to share knowledge, build relationships, and increase the flow of capital and deals for circular carbon solutions. CCN is managed by XPRIZE in partnership with Pure Energy Partners. For more information, visit An executive brief and full copy of the “Circular Carbon Innovation: An Unrealized Investment Opportunity” 2017 report can be accessed here.


The NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE addresses global CO2 emissions by incentivizing teams to develop breakthrough technologies to convert the most CO2 into valuable products with the highest net value. The finalist teams’ products range from concrete to carbon nanotubes, acetone, synthesis gas and alternative fuels, biodegradable plastic, consumable products, foundational chemical building blocks and more.

About Pure Energy Partners

Pure Energy Partners is a venture catalyst firm that accelerates the commercialization of clean economy solutions through capital formation, business development, strategy, and marketing. They have worked closely with XPRIZE since the design and launch of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE.


Nicole Ryan


Nicole Ryan