Innovium Introduces TERALYNX 5 Data-Center Switch Family, Delivering Breakthrough Capabilities for ToR, Enterprise, Edge and 5G Applications

1.2 to 6.4Tbps product family fully compatible with 12.8Tbps TERALYNX 7; Supports up to 400GbE with the most advanced telemetry, best-in-class buffers, low cost and power

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Innovium, Inc., a leading provider of networking switch solutions for cloud, enterprise and edge data centers, today announced TERALYNX 5, a new Ethernet switch silicon family for applications ranging from 1.2 to 6.4Tbps. TERALYNX 5 features unprecedented capabilities for ToR, enterprise, edge, and 5G applications with up to 128x NRZ/PAM4 SERDES, 10GbE to 400GbE ports, the largest on-chip buffers, powerful analytics, and industry-best performance per $ and performance per watt. Data center architectures are being increasingly adopted across cloud, enterprise and edge infrastructure. TERALYNX 5 builds upon the patented, production-proven Innovium’s flagship 12.8Tbps TERALYNX 7 products to fuel this industry trend. The fully-compatible TERALYNX families are the industry’s first and only product lines that scale a single architecture from the server ToR to the data-center core with a consistent feature-set and PAM4 connectivity. TERALYNX switches have been selected and are being deployed by market-leading OEM and Cloud providers for Hyperscale, Enterprise and Edge applications.

Continuing growth of compute and data-intensive applications at the network edge is driving the need for major increases in bandwidth all the way down to the server. Ethernet NIC and accelerator vendors have responded and are delivering multi-100G interfaces with PCI Express Gen 4 and PAM4 support. Existing switch silicon offerings have struggled to keep pace with this trend in a cost and power-efficient manner while delivering the necessary features and connectivity. With TERALYNX 5, Innovium supports 10G to 400G Ethernet connections all the way to the server, enabling seamless insertion into existing networks and future-proofing platforms to support high performance PAM4 connectivity. The new products also support FLASHLIGHT v2, an enhanced version of Innovium’s unique telemetry with the ability to pinpoint any delays, drops, or network congestion and correlate to the application level, all in hardware with zero performance impact.

“The Innovium team has amassed a breakthrough, innovative IP portfolio, designed from the ground up, enabling us to deliver a programmable, low-latency 12.8T switch in production a full technology node earlier,” said Rajiv Khemani, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovium Inc. “We are delighted to further optimize these technologies for ToR and edge applications with TERALYNX 5, allowing a single consistent architecture to power data center switching applications from top to bottom with unmatched performance and value.”

TERALYNX 5 Family Highlights:

  • Wide range of pin-compatible SKU options: 1.2Tbps, 2.4Tbps, 3.2Tbps, 4.8Tbps, 6.4Tbps
  • Up to 128 SERDES PAM4 or NRZ SERDES enabling port speeds from 10Gbps to 400Gbps
  • Largest on-chip buffer for switch in this class (45MB+)
  • Leading L2, L3 table sizes and ACL’s
  • Robust RoCE and PFC support for lowest latency and rich QoS necessary for distributed storage and AI applications
  • IEEE 1588 v2 timing synchronization required in 5G and other data center infrastructure
  • FLASHLIGHT v2 line-rate HW analytics with unprecedented microburst detection features and application correlation
  • Up to 2x performance per $ and performance per watt vs. alternatives
  • SW programmability for support of new protocols, achieved without impact to throughput or latency suffered by alternatives
  • Fully SW and architecture compatibility with TERALYNX 7, scaling solutions to 12.8Tbps

Proven Software and Extensive Solution Ecosystem

The TERALYNX 5 is supported by a modern, production proven SDK designed from the ground up and fully compatible with the TERALYNX 7 family. TERALYNX switch products are supported by a range of OEM, 3rd party, proprietary, and open source network operating systems including the popular SONiC/SAI. A range of platform solutions are available via OEM solution partners as well as many top ODM white box vendors enabling rapid time-to-market. Additionally, Innovium has partnered with the leading optics, DAC, ACC, SERDES, and test equipment partners to pre-validate interoperability.


Samples of the TERALYNX 5 products will be available in Q4’19. Design collateral is available now for early-access customers and partners. Please contact for further information.

Analyst Quotes

650 Group

“The growth of public, enterprise and hybrid cloud in conjunction with the emergence of edge cloud is expected to drive data center switching TAM to nearly $25B by 2023. With the addition of TERALYNX 5 to Innovium’s proven and production-ready 12.8T TERALYNX 7 product line, Innovium has a complete portfolio built upon a single scalable architecture, to address the entire range of products for data center customers,” said Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst at 650 Group.

Dell’Oro Group

“Data center switch market is expected to grow significantly driven by growth of Cloud SPs, large enterprises/Private Cloud and edge data centers. These customers are building a range of networking tiers inside their data centers,” said Sameh Boujelbene, Senior Director at Dell’Oro Group. “Innovium’s products address the different use cases for these data center buildouts.“

The Linley Group

“Users are increasingly adopting hybrid-cloud architectures to rapidly and efficiently deploy applications with the desired level of performance, cost, and security,” said Bob Wheeler, Principal Analyst at The Linley Group. “TERALYNX 5 extends the reach of Innovium’s offering to ToR, enterprise, and edge data centers, enabling the company’s product line to address a broad range of infrastructure using a single architecture.“

Partner Quotes


“Innovium has delivered a robust and feature-rich 12.8T bps switch silicon product for the data center that offers a strong silicon diversity option to the market,” said Yuval Bachar, Principal Hardware Architect, Azure Platforms at Microsoft. “It is great to see Innovium launch TERALYNX 5, an optimized top of rack switch silicon for large scale operators, enterprise and edge data centers.”

Amphenol ICC

“Amphenol ICC, as a leading provider of high-speed IO interconnect systems, is pleased to be collaborating with Innovium to provide innovative data center networking solutions,” said Brent Peterman, Amphenol ICC Marketing Director. “With Innovium introducing TERALYNX 5, an optimized ToR switch silicon for cloud, enterprise and edge, we look forward to providing jointly validated solutions for an expanded set of customers.”

Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.

“Innovium’s TERALYNX 5 is a powerful solution for supporting the increasingly popular mixed port speed deployments where 400G connectivity is needed along with 25G to 100G in the same switch,” said David Chen, AVP of Marketing and Sales at Applied Optoelectronics (AOI). “The combination of AOI’s strong broad optical transceiver offering along with Innovium’s market leading switch silicon platform provides a compelling solution to customers wanting to keep up with rapid traffic increases and future proof their networks with more cost-effective PAM4 technology.”


“Credo is a leading provider of high performance connectivity solutions encompassing retimers/gearboxes, optical DSPs, MACsec security devices & HiWire AECs. We have been collaborating with Innovium on their successful 12.8Tbps TERALYNX 7 switch silicon for PAM4 based solutions for the data center. With the launch of TERALYNX 5, Credo is thrilled to see Innovium broadening their advanced PAM4 switch portfolio and look forward to extending our partnership.” said Jeff Twombly, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Credo.


“Eoptolink designs and manufactures a complete portfolio of optical transceivers for all types of data center applications and has a vertically integrated state of the art production facility. Its 100/400G portfolio offers the world’s lowest power and highest performance and have been successfully tested with 12.8Tbps TERALYNX 7 switch silicon from Innovium. With TERALYNX 5, we are happy to see the proven TERALYNX product family being extended to address new markets like enterprise, edge and 5G,” said Sean Davies, Director of Sales for the Americas at Eoptolink.

Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT)

“Foxconn Interconnect Technology, Limited ("FIT"), a leading supplier of fiber optic transceiver products, has partnered with Innovium, a leading provider of 12.8Tbps programmable switch silicon, to provide validated 100-400Gbps connectivity and enable faster deployments for customers. FIT is delighted to continue the partnership as Innovium expands its product line with TERALYNX 5 that will bring the cost per bit advantages of PAM4 to the broader market,” said Applications Engineering Senior Manager, John Wilks, from FIT.

Innolight Technology

“With tremendous growth in data center network bandwidth, we are seeing customers use our PAM4 based 100-400G optics together with Innovium’s 12.8Tbps low-latency programmable TERALYNX 7 switches. Innolight, a leader in data center optics, is excited to collaborate with Innovium for broader use cases and up to 400G connectivity,” said Osa Mok, Chief Marketing Officer of InnoLight Technology.


“Inphi is excited for Innovium to launch TERALYNX 5; bringing another credible PAM4 switching solution to market,” said Eric Hayes, senior vice president, Networking Interconnect at Inphi. “TERALYNX 5 along with Inphi’s market leading family of auto-adaptive DSP based transceivers, retimers, and gearboxes will offer customers high performance, low power and cost-effective solutions as they adopt PAM4 technology.”


“Luxshare-ICT and Innovium have enjoyed close collaboration validating a range of DAC, Active Copper Cable (ACC), and AOC solutions for the market with Innovium’s industry leading 12.8T TERALYNX 7 switch silicon,” said Jinhua Chen, GM, Enterprise BU at Luxshare-ICT. “We are excited to see TERALYNX 5 drive mass market deployment of 56G PAM4 based interconnects with enhanced capabilities for ToR, enterprise and edge applications and enabling better cost/bit economics. We look forward to our continued partnership with Innovium.”

Maxlinear Inc.

“Server and storage connectivity in data centers are moving to higher bandwidth. Innovative TERALYNX 5 Switch family extends Innovium’s reach into 1.2T to 6.4T Top of Rack applications and brings PAM4 connectivity and cost/bit advantage to cloud and enterprise data centers. MaxLinear’s market leading Telluride PAM4 DSP based 100-400G optics modules together with Innovium’s industry leading TERALYNX based switches offer customers scalable and cost-effective connectivity,” said Rajesh Radhamohan, Director Marketing at MaxLinear Inc.


“Molex and Innovium, have collaborated closely to offer high performance networking solutions being deployed by data center customers. These solutions include Innovium’s industry leading 12.8T TERALYNX 7 switch silicon integrated with Molex’s market leading connectors, cages, DAC cables, optics modules and BiPass I/O technology,” said Ryan Wade, Director of Sales, Data Center at Molex. “We are delighted to see Innovium extend its technology leadership with TERALYNX 5, now addressing broader use cases including ToR, enterprise and edge.”

Spirent Communications

“Spirent Communications, the industry leader of high-speed Ethernet test and validation is pleased to continue our close collaboration with Innovium, a market leader in data center networking that provides high-radix, high-bandwidth switches with TERALYNX 7,” said Kevin Kraft, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Spirent. “Customers now can validate TERALYNX 5 based switches’ breakthrough capabilities using Spirent solution such as pX3 400G to measure the forwarding performance, synchronized timing and quality of service of ultra-high-scale devices. This allows mutual customers to achieve fastest time to market deployments in ToR, enterprise and edge applications.”

Source Photonics

“Source Photonics is a leading provider of innovative and reliable optical connectivity. We are happy to partner with Innovium, as they announce TERALYNX 5, an advanced 1 - 6.4Tbps PAM4 switch family that addresses a broader base of customers with higher speed connectivity for ToR, Edge and 5G applications,” said Ed Ulrichs, Director of PLM at Source Photonics.

TE Connectivity

“Data center customers are using TE Connectivity’s industry leading high performance connectivity products with Innovium’s TERALYNX 12.8Tbps switch silicon to scale their networks,” said Bob Smithmyer, Vice President, Product Management and Pricing for the Data and Devices Business Unit at TE Connectivity. “We are happy to see Innovium extend its product portfolio with TERALYNX 5, an advanced 6.4Tbps PAM4 switch chip for broader use cases like ToR, enterprise and edge. We look forward to continued collaboration for future products.”

About Innovium

Innovium is a leading provider of high performance, innovative switching silicon solutions for cloud, enterprise and edge data centers. Innovium TERALYNX family delivers software compatible products ranging from 1Tbps to 12.8Tbps with unmatched telemetry, low latency, programmability, and a highly scalable architecture. Innovium’s products have been selected and validated by market-leading switch OEM, ODM and cloud providers. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and is backed by leading venture capital firms including Greylock Partners, Walden Riverwood, Capricorn Investment Group, Qualcomm Ventures, S-Cubed Capital and Redline Capital. For more information, please visit:

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