Step on the New Journey: A Safer Way to Back up Old Phone to iPhone 11

CHENGDU, China--()--In Apple's September event, iPhone 11 series was belted out. But for the data security concern when replacing old phones with new iPhones, DearMob iPhone Manager, a safe and handy PC-based program from Digiarty Software, has more to say.

Apple Inc. has rolled out a shotgun blast of new offerings. Among them, the new iPhone is the focus, as usual. Although made to have a sense of déjà vu, many old phone users still show the intention of buying iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. "Now is the time to preorder Apple's flagships. How about the data, information and files in old models? No worries, the maximum memory of new iPhone 11 goes to 256GB, which is supposedly sufficient to hold the oldie. But what need to be concerned about is data security and operability during synchronization," stated by Cecilia Hwung, Marketing Manager of Digiarty.

People Still Need the Traditional Way of Phone-to-Phone File Backup

There is iTunes for media file synchronization, iCloud for over-the-air photo backup, and AirDrop to share files between Macs and iOS devices wirelessly. But the demand for traditional wired manner of phone-to-phone transfer is still there. Why?

  • iOS 13 will be a security nightmare for millions of Apple iPhone users, reported by Forbes recently. For those still persisting with anything older than an iPhone 6s (around 200 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units), the new update will not work.
  • According to news from CNET, Apple will finally kill off iTunes from macOS Catalina on, and replace it with three separate apps. It is likely to throw a wrench into the backup of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for those who have been accustomed to the previous on-Mac iTunes operation. And for Windows users, errors happen frequently when using iTunes.
  • iTunes will cause unintentional data erasing easily. Effy Lee, a member of Digiarty's Marketing Department gives an example, "iTunes imposes a one-iPhone-one-library limit on users who want to sync photos, music, movies and other content from a computer to an iPhone. For instance, if you sync tons of music from your working computer, and later when you come back home, trying to sync other songs from your own laptop to iPhone, all the previously synced music will be wiped out. That's all happening because you have synced iPhone with different computers or different iTunes library."

DearMob iPhone Manager Can Do Something to Make up

To make up the limits of iTunes and problems related to iOS 13, DearMob iPhone Manager is opted in. It is not a wireless backup solution, but is a Wi-Fi-less two-way transfer tool that is safer, easier and quicker.

  • Safer: It places a higher value on users' privacy by enabling military-grade encryption in iPhone data backup. What's more, it guarantees no data erasing and information leakage.
  • Easier: It is friendly to both Windows and Mac users attributed to the clearly arranged interface and easy-to-go design.
  • Quicker: DearMob iPhone Manager is light and fast. According to some test from third-party website, it can transfer 100 4K photos in 8 seconds. Independent of Wi-Fi, the transfer process will be more stable. Besides, files can be selectively transferred to save more time on data reading and analysis.

Moreover, it supports virtually all file types in iOS and iPadOS, such as photos, music, videos, files, backup data, contacts, Apps, SMSs and Voices, and even Wallpaper, Calendar data, Wi-Fi and email account passwords and bookmarks that cannot be supported by iCloud.

About DearMob

DearMob Inc., a division of Digiarty Software, is a dedicated and professional software provider that specializes in multimedia and mobile solutions. Represented by the flagship product DearMob iPhone Manager, this brand strives to create practical cross-platform software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, allowing users to experience seamless digital life.

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DearMob Inc.
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