Cannabis Leads to an Improved Sex Life, Says New Eaze Study

"Let’s Toke About Sex", the latest Eaze Insights study in partnership with Lioness finds cannabis helps consumers achieve a more satisfying sex life

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Yes, cannabis does lead to better sex. That’s according to a new data report, Let’s Toke About Sex, released today by cannabis marketplace Eaze, just in time for Sexual Health Month in September. The report takes a comprehensive look at the effects cannabis can have on sex lives across multiple demographics and relationship statuses. The report reveals that across age demographics, whether single or divorced, a regular cannabis consumer or not, solo or with a partner, people report that cannabis improves sexual experiences. Eaze partnered with Lioness, the smart vibrator company -- which enables users to track their climaxes via its app and advanced sensors -- to study the effects of CBD and THC in the bedroom.

“Simply put, cannabis makes sex lives better,” said Peter Gigante, Head of Research at Eaze. "As an increasing number of Americans are turning to cannabis to enhance their lives, it only makes sense that it would extend into the bedroom.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • Bring me a higher love: 85% of respondents reported being more satisfied with the quality of their orgasms during solo sessions and 79% during partner sessions.
  • I’m picking up good vibrations: Overall, 84% of surveyed consumers reported cannabis helped them find sex toys more pleasurable during their solo sessions and 79% during partner sessions.
  • Don’t stop me now, cuz I’m having a good time: Cannabis had a resounding effect on increasing the length of sexual activity for both solo sessions and partner sessions. 64% of respondents said the length of their solo sessions increased and 73% said the length of their partner sessions increased.
  • When it comes to satisfying sex, cannabis > alcohol: When compared to alcohol, cannabis is associated with more intense orgasms (66% vs 2%), longer sex sessions (57% vs 6%), feeling connected to a partner (56% vs 3%), more satisfying foreplay (55% vs 3%), and a higher number of orgasms (52% vs 2%).

“The fact of the matter is, cannabis is helping people have healthier and happier sex lives,” said Liz Klinger, co-founder and CEO at Lioness. "We hope that this report will help break down outdated taboos around pleasure and are thrilled to partner with Eaze to uncover new insights about the positive effects cannabis can have on sexual exploration.”

Eaze is committed to educating both new and existing customers about the benefits of cannabis and the innovative products available to them. In addition to this study, Eaze publishes its Eaze Insights State of Cannabis Report to provide a comprehensive overview of consumer trends driving the cannabis industry year over year.

Other insights from the report include the number of married people using cannabis compared to single people, which THC form factors are proven to be most effective during sexual activity, and which provide the ability to climax more quickly. The full report can be found here.


The data that informs this report was collected via two methods, an online survey and journaling. The survey was conducted by MarketView Research and completed by 432 Lioness newsletter subscribers across North America from 6/23 to 7/1. The journaling portion of the study had a group of 19 Lioness users who volunteered to try different products with their Lioness device and record their experience per session. For journaling, six products were tested (one per category of vaporizer [DomPen Pineapple Coast/ Hempbase Topical Thunder], edible [Plus Sour Blueberry/ Vital Leaf Tinctures], and lubricant [OmEdibles Body Oil/ Kush Queen Ignite] for THC and CBD).


Lioness is a women-led company whose mission is to destigmatize pleasure and provide individualized, data-driven resources to increase knowledge about sexual experiences. Their first product, the Lioness Vibrator, uses precision sensors to let you literally see your arousal and orgasm. Experiment, understand yourself, and have better orgasms—after all, as the saying goes, "never measured, never improved."


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Sheena Shiravi, 415-938-4653


Sheena Shiravi, 415-938-4653