The Majority-Minority Group announces partnership with 4thMVMT

CHICAGO--()--Today, The Majority-Minority Group, founded by Chicago natives Ron Holmes and Kareem Kenyatta, announces its partnership with Los Angeles based Social Equity company 4thMVMT helmed by Entrepreneurial Activist, Karim Webb.

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois will bring economic opportunity but not the capital, resources, and tools required to be successful. This couldn’t be more true for communities hardest hit by the failed war on drugs where the Black and Latinx populations have been shutout of today’s booming cannabis industry.

That is where The Majority-Minority Group, a values-driven company, steps in with their mission to leverage the opportunity in cannabis to create more minority-owned businesses. While lobbying on behalf of the adult-use of cannabis in Illinois, Ron and Kareem realized that cannabis legalization is not just an issue of racial and social justice, it is also a business imperative, that people of color should and must participate in. To do that effectively The Majority-Minority Group knew they needed a trusted partner to help execute at the highest level to ensure success. And they found that partner in 4thMVMT.

“The Majority-Minority Group is glad to partner with Karim Webb and 4thMVMT in the fight for social justice and equity as we embark upon the new adult-use market. Together, we will build a coalition to level the playing field for all, especially Black and Latinx communities, that have been excluded from this industry for far too long.”

- Kareem Kenyatta, Co-founder, The Majority-Minority Group

4thMVMT is an initiative created to cultivate human potential and mechanize the opportunity around social equity in the cannabis space by recruiting, vetting, and training people who qualify to be competitive owner-operators of cannabis related businesses. The premise is that social equity done well is social justice.

The process starts with investing in human beings overcoming their traumas in order to be successful leaders of multi-million-dollar businesses. And that starts with trauma-informed personal development. The applicants are then put through a 6-week proprietary business training program called MoveUp, created in conjunction with LeadersUp, a highly sought-after talent development company. Finally, they are trained on all things cannabis ensuring each and every owner-operator in the program is well educated on the products they will carry and their health benefits.

“We are excited to have been chosen to work with The Majority-Minority Group. Both Ron and Kareem have a proven track record of advocating and executing on what’s in the interest of communities throughout Illinois. We’re confident in our approach which prepares Social Equity Partners to win in the marketplace.”

- Karim Webb, CEO 4thMVMT

The legalization and decriminalization of cannabis presents a unique opportunity to create jobs in low-income communities and serve as an economic game changer for entrepreneurs of color. Together The Majority-Minority Group and 4thMVMT intend to make this a reality in Illinois.


Founded by South Side of Chicago natives, Ron Holmes and Kareem Kenyatta, The Majority-Minority Group is a value-driven company that aims to create more minority owned businesses. Their mission is to put more color in the cannabis industry, helping minority and female applicants not just win cannabis licenses but also run successful businesses.

Holmes and Kenyatta have over 25 years of experience in state government and politics, and assisted in negotiating the most social-equity driven cannabis law in the country. Holmes was the lead lobbyist for the state’s cannabis trade association – the Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois (MCAI), and Kenyatta lobbied on behalf of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).


4thMVMT is the answer to social equity. We have created a model to mechanize human potential by providing the resources necessary to own and operate competitive businesses. The goal is to cultivate human potential by empowering people, providing new solutions and fostering well-being while building community, improving outcomes, and engaging culture in an impactful way. 4thMVMT aims to positively impact the circumstances of underserved communities, which ultimately fosters improved socioeconomic standing.

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Ralina Shaw


Ralina Shaw