Wireless Innovation Forum Members Update Popular Top 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations List

Group issues call for participation in future revision

WASHINGTON--()--The Wireless Innovation Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, announced today a revision of its “Top 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations” list to numerous new technologies and update previous innovations. This list represents the collective view of the Forum’s member organizations on innovations, either technical, business or regulatory, that if realized would address key shortcomings in existing wireless communications systems.

New innovations were added and others revised as indicated below:

  • (NEW) Innovation #1: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Radios
  • (NEW) Innovation #2: Dynamic Spectrum Management
  • (NEW) Innovation #3: Propagation Prediction Techniques for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing
  • (NEW) Innovation #4: Flexible, Extensible, and Secure Transportation Communication Framework, Architecture, and Management
  • Innovation #5: Advanced Interference Mitigation Techniques (revised/updated)
  • Innovation #6: Receiver Performance Interference Thresholds (revised/updated)
  • Innovation #7: Low Cost Wide Spectral Range RF Front-End (Multi-decade; Contiguous) (Tx,Rx) (revised/updated)
  • Innovation #8: Efficient Techniques to Minimize Power Amplifier Spectral Regrowth in Non-contiguous Spectral Environment (revised/updated)
  • Innovation #9: Network Management of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) (revised/updated)
  • (NEW) Innovation #10: Integrated Development and Debug Environment to Create Portable SW-Based Applications on Embedded Heterogeneous Platforms

The WInnForum is seeking feedback and opinions on the current listed innovations. Input would include which innovations need to: (1) be updated with newer information; (2) be deleted because no longer an issue; (3) be superseded with other more important innovations. In addition the group is seeking other innovations that are required to solve more important shortcomings. Interested participants should visit https://www.wirelessinnovation.org/winnforum-top-ten-most-wanted-wireless-innovations and fill out the Provide Top Ten Input form.

Supported by platinum sponsors Motorola Solutions and Thales, the WInnForum has several working groups focusing on projects related to SCA, Spectrum Innovation and Advanced Technologies. Visit http://www.WirelessInnovation.org to learn more. Individuals or organizations wishing to participate in WInnForum Working Groups should contact Lee Pucker at Lee.Pucker@WirelessInnovation.org.

About the Wireless Innovation Forum

Established in 1996, The Wireless Innovation Forum (SDR Forum Version 2.0) is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation dedicated to advocating for spectrum innovation, and advancing radio technologies that support essential or critical communications worldwide. Members bring a broad base of experience in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio (CR) and Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technologies in diverse markets and at all levels of the wireless value chain to address emerging wireless communications requirements. To learn more about The Wireless Innovation Forum, its meetings and membership benefits, visit www.WirelessInnovation.org.


Lee Pucker, 604-828-9876, Lee.Pucker@wirelessinnovation.org
Stephanie Hamill, 970-290-9543 or Stephanie.Hamill@wirelessinnovation.org

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WInnForum members publish revision of "Top 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations," issue call for participation in future revision


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Lee Pucker, 604-828-9876, Lee.Pucker@wirelessinnovation.org
Stephanie Hamill, 970-290-9543 or Stephanie.Hamill@wirelessinnovation.org