Aeron Celebrates 2nd Anniversary: CryptoBonusMiles Gets Mass Adoption, Aeron Games and Other Highlights

LONDON--()--For over two years Aeron has been successfully developing software which improves the safety and convenience in general aviation. The past year was full of significant events, including pivotal ones such as the release of the Aeron Pilot application, which makes general aviation safer; and the launch of the CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) platform, which unites loyalty programs from most of the global airlines and enables customers to get crypto rewards for every mile they fly.

The public launch of Aeron on August 8, 2017 offered a blockchain technology-based solution for managing the transparency and accuracy of pilot flight log data and experience records. Initially, Aeron was focused on aviation stakeholders such as pilots, aircraft owners, and flight training organizations. Aeron has followed this with the development of the CryptoBonusMiles platform that has allowed expansion to include aviation passengers as well.

Before the end of 2019, Aeron has plans for several big milestones on its roadmap, such as the launch of Aeron Games. To strengthen the Aeron (ARN) utility token adoption, Aeron gaming division plans to tap into the mass market increasing the number of holders and transaction volumes a hundredfold. The ARN token is trading at major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance and is available for purchase to experience Aeron Games.

Aeron Games will offer an opportunity to make a bet on the outcome of a certain flight. Here is how it works. Take any commercial flight (e.g., Emirates EK007 from Dubai to London). It can either land earlier than scheduled, on time, or later than scheduled. Make a bet! If you have guessed the outcome of an upcoming flight correctly, you win. You get the winning payout in Aeron (ARN) tokens and enjoy the gains. Timing of all commercial flights globally is tracked by trusted FlightRadar24 data feed and your bets can be verified independently. Enjoy the new way to entertain yourself while waiting for your connection at the airport or make bets from the comfort of your home.

The journey doesn’t stop at what has been accomplished and the extensive Aeron roadmap is showing the path to success in the coming years. Aeron is becoming more available and universal, covering additional niches in the industry, not only for aviation professionals, but also for commercial airline passengers. Aeron is there for you!


Maria Shirokova