Modus Enhances Sales Enablement Tool; Adds Microlearning Video Training Modules

Microlearning helps marketing teams ensure better product launches and more efficient onboarding and coaching of sales teams

MINNEAPOLIS--()--Marketers’ common pain points with new product launches often include gaining traction with the sales team, onboarding new sales reps, and one-to-one coaching of large field sales teams. Now, Modus is helping marketers eliminate their biggest sales challenges with the introduction of Microlearning: Just-in-Time learning that’s available on-demand for sales teams and easy to manage and deploy for marketing teams.

Modus makes it easy for marketers to help sales reps articulate messaging that customers care about through bite-sized video training. Microlearning highlights include:

  • Product launches that command customer attention – Marketers can easily develop Just-in-Time learning for products through short videos that are easy to ingest and keep your messaging on point.
  • Onboard sales reps faster – Microlearning allows sales reps to learn as they go. They’ll get in the field faster so they can use the information they’ve just learned. This increases retention and reduces the chances of overwhelming news sales reps.
  • Give Kudos for Product Knowledge – Gamification features, including badges and certification, feeds sales reps’ competitive spirit and makes learning about new products fun. Marketing teams can also view lessons completed to better understand where knowledge gaps are occurring.
  • Sales Coaching Simplified – One-to-one coaching is problematic at scale. Sales coaching solves this problem and lightens the load on sales managers by providing one-to-one feedback through role-playing video recording.

“In this fast-paced world, it’s easy for sales reps and distributors to become completely overwhelmed by the large amounts of product information and ongoing requests for product training that come from their marketing teams. Likewise, it’s difficult for marketing teams to ensure they have an engaged and prepared sales channel that is onboarded properly. Microlearning solves these issues,” said Orrin Broberg, Modus President & CEO.

This new Microlearning functionality is accessible within the same Modus sales enablement platform that is trusted by more than 120,000 dealers, distributors and field sales leaders across the globe to ensure predictable access to the most effective sales content for any selling situation. It includes a fully customizable mobile app that enables marketing teams to create, manage, and track the performance of this content within a single interface, allowing for greater insights into content effectiveness, better investment prioritization, and significantly reduced production costs.

“We know that information learned and used right away is retained better over time,” said Broberg. “Microleaning allows sales teams to learn as they go, wherever they are. Simply put, there’s no better way to onboard, train and coach sales reps so you can get your products in the field faster.”

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Modus, the leader in digital sales enablement, empowers sales teams to thrive in the most critical moments of the buyer's journey: face-to-face interactions. The Modus platform is a mobile, AI-powered content management solution that provides predictable access to the most impactful collateral, simplifies the creation of interactive content, automates lead capture and follow-up workstreams, and provides clear visibility into content and trade show ROI. Founded in 2013, Modus is used by more than 120,000 sales and marketing professionals and has digitally transformed the sales distribution channels of world-class brands including Caterpillar, AT&T, Toro, Stanley Black & Decker, Optum, and Philips. Learn more at


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