tilt: World’s Smartest Window Coverings Just Got Smarter—and Save Homeowners More Money

tilt offers the first solar-powered window coverings that automatically open and close based on the temperature or smartphone commands

PROVO, Utah--()--tilt, formerly MySmartBlinds, is launching an all-encompassing smart home product line that includes the first solar-powered smart window coverings and devices that automatically open or close based on the temperature and other factors.

The company has 32 patents and another 32 patents pending for the technology it developed for smart roller shades, blinds and automation kits that can be installed on existing shades or blinds. The tilt motors are the first to use Bluetooth, allowing homeowners to customize lighting, privacy and temperature with a smartphone.

Saving Money

The tilt app allows homeowners to choose settings for energy savings so the blinds or shades automatically close when the room gets too hot.

“The built-in tilt sensors save homeowners on heating and cooling costs,” said Emily Brimhall, tilt founder. “We believe the money saved will quickly offset the initial investment.”

The U.S. Department of Energy determined 30% of a home’s heating energy is leaving through windows. And during the summer, 76% of sunlight enters a home to become heat. The federal government also notes the average annual energy bill for a U.S. home is $2,000, about 43% or $875 is spent on heating and cooling.

One-Price Shopping

tilt is also the first to roll out one-price window coverings--allowing shoppers to pay the same price for any window covering, regardless of size or selected fabric. Customers can determine the cost of their window coverings without knowing precise measurements, colors, mount types or other custom features.

“You don’t pay more for an XL shirt instead of an XS shirt when you’re shopping for clothes. I want to provide that same logic for our customers,” said Brimhall.

tilt window coverings are designed for easy DIY installation. Customers can choose to have a professional installation through Buy It Installed®, a third-party nationwide installer network.

Winning Fans

Customers are sending in rave reviews about their tilt window coverings:

  • "I love that our MySmartBlinds are on a schedule so when we are out-of-town, no energy savings are missed and my plants stay happy!"
  • "I’ve got 10 of these installed so far and I love them. It’s great to be able to leave the house and not have to think about closing the blinds because I’ll be back after dark."

Environmentally Friendly

The tilt window coverings are solar-powered and they reduce the amount of electricity or gas needed to heat or cool a home. The cleanest energy is the energy not used---reducing the amount of energy for a home also shrinks the homeowner’s carbon footprint.

Protecting Homes

Experts say home break-ins are often crimes of opportunities and window coverings can protect homes from burglars who may be window-shopping. “Homeowners can scare burglars away because tilt window coverings can be scheduled to go up and down while they’re away or on vacation,” said Brimhall.

MySmartRollerShades are $399 ($199 without automation) for any size and MySmartBlinds are $270 ($150 without automation) for any size. The Smart Bridge is available to connect all tilt products, allowing voice control and access from anywhere. The Wi-Fi device is $89 and it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. tilt products work with and without existing smart devices.

In the spring, tilt will launch MySmartWindows, a solar-powered device that connects to sliding windows and can open or close the windows based on temperature and other factors, saving even more energy.

About tilt

Emily Brimhall created the idea for tilt's first product, the Blinds Automation Kit, in 2014. As an avid do-it-yourselfer, she was often frustrated by the lack of innovation in window coverings. She saw a need for window coverings that were as smart as the rest of the home. Brimhall’s keen attention to detail and her need for smarter and simpler home technology spurred her on to create tilt, “Simple. Solar. Smart.” tilt is a member of the Hall Labs portfolio of companies, which is included in the Provo Opportunity Zone, named as one of the top three in the U.S. for tax-advantaged opportunities. For more information visit www.tiltsmarthome.com.


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