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Chinese Steel Suppliers Directory book designed for you to get access to useful information about the top 160 steel mills and 100 steel traders in China.

Topics covered in detail include:

  • Business scopes
  • Addresses
  • Contact information

You can read the brief description and product portfolio of the 260 steel suppliers to help you in importing steel products from China.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Preface

2. 160 Steel Mills in China

(North China)

1. Anfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

2. Aosen Steel Co., Ltd.

3. Baogang Group Wuhai Wanteng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

4. Baotou Jiyu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

5. Bazhou Xinli Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

6. Da'an Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

7. Focus Pipes Co., Ltd.

8. Handan Fengfeng Hengfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

9. HBIS Group TangSteel Company

10. HBIS Group ShiSteel Company

11. Hebei XinwuAn Iron and Steel Group Xinhui Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

12. Hebei Donghai Special Group Co., Ltd.

13. Hebei Jingye Group Co., Ltd.

14. Hebei Jinxi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

15. Hebei Qianjin Steel Group Co., Ltd.

16. Hebei Rongxin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

17. Hebei Tianzhu Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

18. Hebei Xinjin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

19. Hebei Wenfeng Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

20. Hebei Zongheng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

21. Hebei Jitai Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.

22. Heye Special Steel Co., Ltd.

23. Huhhot Mengfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

24. Jing'an Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

25. Qian'an Jiujiang Wire Material Co., Ltd.

26. Qian'an Roll No.1 (Group) Co., Ltd.

27. Shanxi Xiangtian Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

28. Shanxi Hongda Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

29. Shanxi Meijin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

30. Shanxi Zhongyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

31. Shanxi Liheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

32. Shougang Changzhi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

33. Shougang Jingtang Iron & Steel Joint Co., Ltd.

34. Shougang Qian'an Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

35. Tangshan Rongcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

36. Tangshan Xinbaotai Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

37. Tangshan Zhengfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

38. Tangshan Chunxing Special Steel Co., Ltd.

39. Tangshan Guoyi Special Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

40. Tangshan Bayite Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

41. Tangshan Delong Steel Co., Ltd.

42. Tangshan Donghua Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

43. Tangshan Ganglu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

44. Tangshan Guofeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

45. Tangshan Jianlong Industry Co., Ltd.

46. Tangshan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

47. Tangshan Yanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

48. Tangsteel Heavy Plate Company

49. Tangyin Steel Co., Ltd.

50. Tianjin Tiantie Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd.

51. Tianjin Rockcheck United Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

52. Tianjin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

53. Tianjin Tiangang United Special Steel Co., Ltd.

54. Tianjin Steel Tube Iron Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

55. Ulanhot Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

56. Wu'an Mingfang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

57. Wu'an Yuhua Steel Co., Ltd.

58. Xingtai Longhai Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

59. Xingtai Delong Steel Co., Ltd.

60. Xingtai Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

61. Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd.

62. Yutian Jinchuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

63. Yutian Jianbang Industrial Co., Ltd.

(Northeast China)

64. Anshan Baode Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

65. Anshan Steel Bayuquan Steel Co., Ltd.

66. Anshan Yuanxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

67. Ansteel Group Zhaoyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

68. Fushun Special Steel Co., Ltd.

69. Heilongjiang Jianlong Steel Co., Ltd.

70. Houying Group Haicheng Steel Co., Ltd.

71. Jianlong Beiman Special Co., Ltd.

72. Jilin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

73. Liaoyang Iron & Steel Group Corporation

74. Minmetals Yingkou Medium Plate Co., Ltd.

75. Northeast Special Steel Group Dalian Special Steel Co., Ltd.

76. Xilin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

77. Yingkou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

(East China)

78. Anhui Lixin Special Steel Co., Ltd.

79. Anhui Guihang Special Steel Co., Ltd.

80. Anhui Changjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

81. Anyang Xinpu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

82. Baosteel Co., Ltd.

83. Baosteel Group Shanghai Meishan Co., Ltd.

84. Baosteel Desheng Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

85. Changzhou Eastern Group

86. China International Iron and Steel Products Co., Ltd.

87. Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., Ltd.

88. Fujian Sanbao Steel Co., Ltd.

89. Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.

90. Jiangsu Huaxi Group Company

91. Jiangsu Suzhou Steel Group Co., Ltd.

92. Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd. Huaigang Special Steel

93. Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd.

94. Jiangsu Properity Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

95. Jiangsu Changqiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

96. Jiangsu Hongtai Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

97. Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co., Ltd.

98. Jingjiang Special Steel Co., Ltd.

99. Jinan Steel Group Co., Ltd.

100. Laiwu Steel Group Co., Ltd.

101. Lianyungang Yaxin Steel Group Co., Ltd.

102. Linyi Sande Special Steel Co., Ltd.

103. Ningbo Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.

104. Quzhou Yuanli Metal Products Co., Ltd.

105. Shandong Taishan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

106. Shandong Minyuan Steel Co., Ltd.

107. Shandong Shouguang JuNeng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

108. Shandong Luli Steel Co., Ltd.

109. Shandong Shiheng Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.

110. Shandong Guangfu Group Co., Ltd.

111. Wuhu Fuxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

112. Wuhu Xinxing Ductile Pipes Co., Ltd.

113. Xuzhou Rongyang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

114. Xuzhou Southeast Steel Industry Co., Ltd.

115. Xuzhou Jinhong Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.

116. Xuzhou Baofeng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

117. Xuzhou Bofeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

118. Xinyu Steel Group Co., Ltd.

119. Xiwang Group Co., Ltd.

120. Yongxing Special Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

121. Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

122. Zhangdian Iron and Steel General Factory

123. Zhejiang Tsingshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

(Central South China)

124. Angang Xinyang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

125. Anyang Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

126. Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

127. Guangxi Guigang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.

128. Guangxi Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

129. Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgical Co., Ltd.

130. Henan Jiyuan Iron&Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

131. Henan Yaxin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

132. Hubei Xinxin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

133. Hunan Valin Lianyuan Steel Co., Ltd.

134. Lengshuijiang Steel Co., Ltd.

135. Lianzhong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

136. Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

137. Wuhan Iron & Steel Group Echeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

138. Wuyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

139. Xiangtan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

140. Yangchun New Steel Co., Ltd.

141. Zhuhai Yueyufeng Steel Co., Ltd.

(Southwest China)

142. Desheng Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.

143. Panzhihua Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

144. Sichuan Dazhou Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

145. Trvanic Group

146. WISCO Kunming Steel Co., Ltd.

147. Yunnan Qujing Chenggang Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

148. Yunnan Yuxi Xianfu Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

149. Yunnan Yuxi Yukun Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

(Northwest China)

150. Baoshan Iron and Steel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

151. Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group Corporation

152. Shaanxi Longmen Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

153. Shaanxi Hanzhong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

154. Shaanxi Steel Group Hanzhong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

155. Shougang Yili Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

156. Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd.

157. Xinjiang Kunlun Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

158. Xinjiang Yili Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

159. Xinjiang Kunyu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

160. Xinjiang KingTec Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

3. 100 Steel Traders in China

161. Anhui Huishang Metal Cooperation Limited

162. Anhui Wandong Trading Co., Ltd.

163. Anyang Furui Trade Co., Ltd.

164. Beijing Zhongtie Construct Materials Co., Ltd.

165. Beijing Jiyuming Steel Trade Co., Ltd.

166. Beijing Henghexin Commercial and Trade Co., Ltd.

167. Changchun Jingwei Steel Plate Co., Ltd.

168. Changzhi Xinshuangyu Materials Co., Ltd.

169. Changchun Tianli Metal Materials Company

170. Chengdu Dahai Metal Processing and Distribution Co., Ltd.

171. Chengdu Longye Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

172. China Railway Materials Group

173. China Railway Material Group Southwest Co., Ltd.

174. China Railway Material Group Northeast Co., Ltd.

175. China Railway Material Group Hong Kong & Macao Co., Ltd.

176. China Railway Materials Group Yunnan Co., Ltd.

177. China Railway Material Group South China Co., Ltd.

178. China Railway Materials Group Northwest Co., Ltd.

179. China Railway Material Group East China Co., Ltd.

180. China Ordins Group Co., Ltd.

181. Chongqing Shoute Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

182. Chongqing Chuanghao Materials Co., Ltd.

183. Chongqing Jiangnan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

184. Chongqing Qianxin International Trade Co., Ltd.

185. Chongqing Jiaqing Trading Co., Ltd.

186. Chunxu Steel Logistics (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

187. Foshan Zhaomian Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

188. Future Materials Industry (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

189. Gansu Taisheng Materials Group

190. Guangxi Fufeng Steel Co., Ltd.

191. Guangxi Huaxiang Trade Co., Ltd.

192. Guizhou Juchuan Investment Co., Ltd.

193. Guizhou Yunshang Liuhe Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

194. Guizhou Yantong Investment Development Co., Ltd.

195. Guizhou Qingfenghao Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd.

196. Guangzhou Building Materials Development Co., Ltd.

197. Guangzhou Yangfan Steel Trade Co., Ltd.

198. Guangzhou Jinbo Logistics Trade Co., Ltd.

199. Guangdong Guangsheng Metallurgic Group Co., Ltd.

200. Guangdong Shaogang New Marine Engineering Materials Co., Ltd.

201. Guangdong Guangwu Metal Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

202. Guangdong Zhufa Trading Co., Ltd.

203. Guangdong Xiongfeng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

204. Hangzhou Zhubang Trade Co., Ltd.

205. Hangzhou Huayuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

206. Hebei Boye Trade Group Co. Ltd.

207. Hebei Zhongning Special Steel Co., Ltd.

208. Hebei Qixin Trade Group Co., Ltd.

209. Hefei Ruihao Materials Co., Ltd.

210. Henan Xiwang Steel Co., Ltd.

211. Henan Xinya Industrial Co., Ltd.

212. Hunan Bochang Holding Group Co., Ltd.

213. Huanan Materials Group Co., Ltd.

214. Inner Mongolia Chenggang Material Co., Ltd.

215. Inner Mongolia Huameng Logistics Park Co., Ltd.

216. Inner Mongolia Medium Plate Co., Ltd.

217. Jiashan Runyu Trading Co., Ltd.

218. Jiujiang Rongsheng Materials Co., Ltd.

219. Jinan Xinzhuo Materials Co., Ltd.

220. Lanzhou Pengyi Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd.

221. Liaoning Gucunxing Trading Co., Ltd.

222. Lu'an Xinmao Steel Trade Co., Ltd.

223. Maanshan Shuangyou Special Steel Steel Sales Co., Ltd.

224. Minmetals Steel Shanghai Co., Ltd.

225. Minmetals Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

226. Nanjing Gangfeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

227. Ningbo Jingsheng Materials Co., Ltd.

228. Ningbo Xinliu Steel Trading Co., Ltd.

229. Qingdao Jiuzhou Materials Co., Ltd.

230. Qingdao Jijian Steel Sales Co., Ltd.

231. Qingdao Jilianyun Group

232. Risun (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.

233. Shandong Weifeng CXY Co., Ltd.

234. Shandong Tiejun Materials Co., Ltd.

235. Shandong Tianbao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

236. Shandong Tieshi Trading Company

237. Shanghai Ruiguang Trading Co., Ltd.

238. Shanghai Zhangzhi Group

239. Shanxi Wanchangmao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

240. Shanxi Jinbotai Trading Group

241. Shaanxi Dongling Materials Company

242. Shaanxi Haiyang Trading Co., Ltd.

243. Shenyang Handa Trading Company

244. Shenyang XinJianxing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

245. Shijiazhuang Tongya Trade Co., Ltd.

246. Shijiazhuang Zhengda Metal Material Co., Ltd.

247. Sichuan Tianyuhao Group Company

248. Sichuan Century Union Development Steel Material Co., Ltd.

249. Sichuan Logistics Materials Trading Co., Ltd.

250. SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd.

251. Tangshan Yunfeng Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.

252. Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group Sales Company

253. Tianjin Chuangli Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

254. Wuhan Iron & Steel Group Echeng Iron and & Steel Trading Company

255. Xiamen C&D Metals Co., Ltd.

256. Yunnan Energy Investment Logistic Co., Ltd.

257. Yunnan Zhiyingcheng Trading Company

258. Yunnan BeiEr Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

259. Zhangzhou Road and Bridge Materials Development Co., Ltd.

260. Zhongqian Industrial Co., Ltd.

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