Health in Motion Network Expands Through Recent Pharmacy & Urgent Care Partnerships

COLUMBUS, Ohio--()--Health in Motion Network™, formed in 2017, is making quality-based healthcare more accessible.

Through two recent partnerships with community pharmacies and urgent care centers, Health in Motion Network is better able to provide access to efficient, quality care management and personalization for patients across the country. These partnerships with local providers open the door to scale exceptional healthcare and improve outcomes.

In 2018, Health in Motion Network secured an agreement with 3,500 Urgent Care Centers through Gateway2Better Network™. In doing so, Health in Motion Network became an integral partner with the National Urgent Care Association (UCA).

Recently, Health in Motion Network’s ERX-Direct formed a strategic partnership with EPIC Pharmacies, Inc., allowing the network of independent-owned pharmacies to find growth solutions outside traditional models.

Both of these partnerships will be expanded to enable a simplified patient care coordination with both primary and urgent care centers in the Health in Motion Network, removing the current gaps in this coverage, and setting a new paradigm for enhanced care in our communities.

Remarkable change in healthcare is possible by connecting the disconnected healthcare consumer, and this requires access to primary care, retail clinics, and community pharmacies. This brings patients, doctors, community pharmacists, and their data and benefits together under one connected system of healthcare delivery and management.

“We believe it’s possible to extend efficient access to quality healthcare in the community — simplified, transparent healthcare at an affordable and predictable cost,” says Brian Slusser, CEO of the network parent company, OCN ConnectedCare™. “We have innovated, ran virtual health medical practices, and leveraged the power of data and technology to drive better incentives — all with the goal of creating a better patient experience and a better system.”

Health in Motion Network continues to extend its strategic partnerships to hundreds of specialty access points that operate on a common Managed Health as a Service platform that enables efficient delivery of exceptional healthcare in the community.

About Health in Motion Network

Health in Motion creates a new front door to accessing better health. Remarkable change in healthcare is possible by connecting the disconnected and serving the medically underserved. The network brings patients, doctors, pharmacists, and their data and benefits together with one connected system of healthcare delivery and management.

Employers will provide care based on outcomes, unlike traditional, payment-driven models. The network uses revolutionary delivery and management systems to help keep employee populations healthy and address chronic conditions continuously – before they become a problem.

About OCN ConnectedCare

OCN ConnectedCare is a Managed Healthcare as a Service, providing the innovation platform, leadership and management for subsidiaries Health in Motion Network, ERX-Direct, and Care Direct.

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Nina Cummins, 614-219-9035