Most Caffeine Ltd Won $50 Million Investment to Expand Its ABS Chain in Middle East Market


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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia--()--Abstract: Blockchain firm Most Caffeine Ltd has received a $50 million investment from a major investment firm in Saudi Arabia. The firm will partner with the ABS chain team in the long run and help ABS expand into the Middle East market to provide data security solutions for the Arab world.

Recently In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the leading blockchain firm Most Caffeine Ltd has secured a $50 million investment from a major Saudi investment firm according to a source familiar with the deal. The two sides will cooperate in the field of data security.

Distributed secret-key system developed by Most Caffeine Ltd is well known internationally. In addition, its ABS chain has mature semi-homomorphic encryption technology, proxy encryption technology and blockchain technology, which will play a significant role in data security and privacy protection.

The head of the investment firm mentioned above reveals that the firm has decided to cooperate with ABS team from Most Caffeine Ltd to explore the Middle East market and provide solutions for data security in the Arab world.

ABS chain is the underlying blockchain to solve data security, protect data privacy and return data value to users. It is the best technology for data security encryption and has broad application prospects. ABS chain data encryption technology will be widely used in IM data encryption, monitoring data encryption and sharing, data collection (medical data), UGC value protection, confidential file transmission and identity authentication and other fields. Based on ABS chain, a variety of encryption version of DAPP can be built , to create a new encryption world. For example, the encryption version of IM can create a speak-freely environment, encryption version of the network disk can be stored in no need of considering its safety. ABS chain team has strong technical accumulation and excellent strength. Mastering the core technology of ABS chain, the team has a huge influence in the industry.