Nanocatalysts in 2019: Global Market Analysis, Trends and Forecasts (2016-2024) with Profiles on 25 Players -

DUBLIN--()--The "Nanocatalysts: Global Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts" report has been added to's offering.

This report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2016 through 2024. Also, a five-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

The report analyzes the worldwide markets for Nanocatalysts in US$ Million.

Further, the Global market is analyzed by the following End-Use Segments:

  • Refinery
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Food Processing
  • Environmental
  • Others

The report profiles 25 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • BASF SE (Germany)
  • Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (USA)
  • Hyperion Catalysis International (USA)
  • Johnson Matthey (UK)
  • Mach I, Inc. (USA)
  • Nexceris (USA)
  • PQ Corporation (USA)
  • Zeolyst International (USA)
  • Umicore N.V. (Belgium)
  • Venator Materials PLC (UK)
  • W. R. Grace & Co. (USA)

Key Topics Covered


A Primer


A Curtain Raiser


Breaking Conventional Size Barriers

New Discoveries Bridge the Gap between Organic and Inorganic Materials

A Peek into the World of Possibilities with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology Market Gathering Momentum

Enabling Technologies

Need of the Hour

Nanotechnology in Catalysis

A Prelude

Expanding Applications of Nanocatalysts



Largest End-Use Sector

Assessing the Impact of Economic Upheavals on Nanocatalysts Market

Nanocatalysts Market Fares Relatively Better Post Recession

Competitive Scenario


Petroleum Refineries: The Traditional & the Largest Revenue Contributor

Opportunity Indicator:

Nanocatalyst Applications in Oil Refineries

Cracking Catalysts

Hydro-Desulfurization (HDS)

Reformer Catalysts

Heavy Oil Upgrading

Coal Liquefaction

Other Applications

Production of Premium Gas Made Easy by Nanocatalysts

Stringent Emission Regulations Drive Demand for Nanocatalysts in Refining Process

Nanocatalysts to Refine Gasoline Production Process


The Most Popular Ingredient of Refinery Catalysts

Environmental Applications: The Fastest Growing End-Use Segment

Revolutionary Solutions Against Climate Change

Stringent Emission Control Norms Drive Demand for Nano Enabled Emission Control Catalysts

Opportunity Indicators

Demand for Nanocatalyst Enabled-Catalytic Converters for Automobiles and Industrial Engine-Driven Applications Drive Nanocatalysts Market

Automotive Catalytic Converters

A Major Market for Nanocatalysts

Opportunity Indicators for Nanocatalysts in Automotive Market:

Emissions Regulations Landscape in Major Country/Region

Nanocatalysts to Gain Ground in Diesel Engine Emissions Remediation

Advanced Lean-Burn Engine Emission Control Systems

Diesel Based Fuel Additives

Petroleum Industries Adopt Nanocatalysts for Emissions Control in Refining Units

Focus on Reducing Emissions in Coal-Fired Power Plants Boosts Nanocatalysts Market

Air Purification Systems

Cleaning up Paper Mill Waste Stream

Water Treatment: A Niche Application Area

Nanocatalysts Exhibit High Efficiency in HOC Removal in Waste Water Treatment

Nano-Size Titanium Dioxide Gains Popularity in Waste Water Treatment

Demand from Chemicals Boost Nanocatalysts Market

Key Application Areas in Chemical Processes


Ethanol Production

Agricultural Chemicals

Production of Hydrogen Peroxide with Higher Selectivity to the Desired Product

Demand from Pharmaceutical Industry Provides Traction

Reduction in Wastage and Side-Products

A Key Application Area

Food Processing

An Established Commercial Application

Nanocatalysts as Food Enzymes in Processed Foods Market

Nanocatalyst Applications in Energy Sector

Nanocatalysts Eye Bigger Role in Conversion of Natural Gas into Quality Chemicals & Clean Fuels

Opportunity Indicators

Growing Acceptance of Nanocatalysts in Biomass to Biofuel Conversion Bodes Well for the Market

Opportunity Indicators:

Emphasis on Efficient Bio-Diesel Production to Boost Nanocatalyst Market

Nanocatalysts Seek New Opportunities in Solar Cells

Fuel Cells Entice Nanocatalysts

Nanostructured Catalysts for Efficient Pem Fuel Cells

Growing R&D in Fuel Cell Technology Expected to Provide Traction to the Nanocatalyst Market

Additives for Fuel & Explosives

Nanocatalyst Applications in Polymer Production

Trend Towards Green Chemistry Drives Nano Catalysts Market

High Demand for Bioplastics Drives Nanocatalyst Market

Production of Green Ammonia Provides Traction

High Demand for Carbon Nanotubes

Nanocatalysts Enhance Petrochemical Reactions

Gold as Nano Scale Catalysts Gathers Steam

Strong R&D Efforts, New Product & Application Developments Spearhead Growth

Bimetallic Nanocatalysts Gaining Popularity at the Expense of Monometallic NCs

Advancements in Metrology Critical to the Efficiency of Nanocatalysts

New Dual-Layered Nanocatalyst Tolerant to Carbon Monoxide Developed

R&D Efforts Find Efficacy of Nickel Phosphide Nanocatalyst in Hydrogen Production

Dow Chemicals Develops Highly Innovative Nano-Catalyst for Producing Bio-Plastics

New Nanocatalyst for Purifying Wastewater from Pharmaceutical Industries

Snapshot of Select US Players and their Product Innovations Over the Years

Mach I Inc.


Nanophase Technologies Corp.


Hyperion Catalysis International Inc.


What is a Catalyst?

Types of Catalysts

Chemical Industry Catalysts

Polymerization Catalysts

Petroleum Refining Catalysts

Environmental Catalysts

The Need for Catalysts

Catalysts Soon to be Replaced by Nanotechnology Upgrades


Nanotechnology Segments

Nanomaterials and Their Impact on Health


Classification of Nanoparticles

Production of Nanoparticles

Measuring Nanoparticles

Measurement of Mass

Measurement of Surface Area

Nanotechnology Applications

Versatility of Nanotechnology

Convergence of Nanotechnology with Catalysts


Introduction and Definition

Major End-Use Industries

Performance of Nanocatalysts Thrives on Nanotechnology

Properties of Nanocatalysts

Diverse Physical Properties

Innovative Application Techniques

Increased Area of Action


Brief History


The Next Gen Catalysts

Control Over Nanoparticle Size

Control Over Nanoparticle Composition

Control Over Nanoparticle Structure

Nanoparticle Anchoring

Types of Nanocatalysts


Sources of Zeolite

Uses of Zeolites

Domestic & Commercial

Heating & Refrigeration






Transition Metal Nanocatalysts


Applications and Benefits

Industrial Enzymes

Transition Metal Oxides

Metallocene Catalyst

Carbon Nanotubes

Types of Carbon Nanotubes

Single-Walled Nanotubes

Multi-Walled Nanotubes



Properties of CNTs


Kinetic Property

Electrical and Thermal Properties

Structural Defects

Production Methods of CNTs

Arc Discharge

Laser Ablation

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Benefits of CNTs

Probable Future Applications of CNTs


Nanophase Technologies Launches CE-6950

Brookhaven National Laboratory Develops New Nanocatalyst to Power Hydrogen Production

US and Chinese Researchers Introduce Platinum-Cobalt Nanocatalysts for Supporting Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Penn State University Researchers Demonstrate New Nano- Catalyst to Potentially Enable Hydrogen Production

Los Alamos National Laboratory Scientists Design New Cheaper Nano-Structured Carbon-Based Catalyst

University of Michigan Research Team Develops Technique to Produce Propylene Oxide Using Copper Nanoparticles

KIST Designs a New Metal Nanocatalyst for Recurrent Use


NexTech Materials Adopts New Name, Nexceris, LLC

QuantumSphere Establishes Modern Manufacturing Facility

Nanophase Secures Patent for C3 Metal Oxide Surface Treatment Technology

Huntsman Takes Over Rockwood Holdings Performance Additives and Titanium Dioxide Businesses

Clean Diesel Technologies to Relocate Corporate Headquarters

Clean Diesel Technologies Bags New Patents from the USPTO

Umicore to Build a New Catalysts Manufacturing Facility in Poland

Johnson Matthey Acquires A123's Chinese Cathode Materials Manufacturing Facility

Johnson Matthey Extends Metal Supply Agreement with Anglo American Platinum

Clean Diesel Technologies Receives Patent Approval for ZPGM Catalyst Technology from USPTO

Umicore Shokubai Japan Launches New Technical R&D Center in Japan

EU Introduces SusFuelCat Research Project

RUB's Researchers Collaborate with Seven Countries to Develop a Photocatalyst



Total Companies Profiled: 25 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries 26)

  • The United States (15)
  • Canada (1)
  • Europe (8)
    • France (1)
    • Germany (1)
    • The United Kingdom (3)
    • Rest of Europe (3)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (1)
  • Middle East (1)

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Related Topics: Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials