Unveils First Tool to Tie ROI to Sales Enablement Efforts

Conversation Intelligence Platform launches Coaching Initiatives to increase win rates and track improvements

SAN FRANCISCO--(), the leading Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams, today announced the launch of Coaching Initiatives and Scorecards, an industry-first functionality designed for sales enablement leaders to provide high-impact coaching to sales professionals in less time. Chorus allows managers to score specific skills for improved training and will automatically identify recommended calls with high scores so sales professionals receive instant guidance on how to improve. It also gives enablement managers the ability to track skill improvement over time, tying ROI to programs and training.

Top enablement managers spend 18 hours a month listening to business calls to grade their team’s performance. The best enablement managers spend 40 percent more time discovering coachable moments or themes across sales calls than the average enablement manager. Chorus’ Coaching Initiatives will allow sales enablement to launch, drive, and measure the efficacy of multiple initiatives at the same time e.g. improving discovery skills or better addressing competitors. Scorecards tied to each initiative will enable sales leaders to score calls and provide personalized coaching to strengthen individuals. Based on the score, will proactively recommend a playlist of high scoring calls for the initiative, allowing sales reps to self-learn best practices. This is done through proprietary AI that learns the features of a good call to help drive rapid improvement in sales teams.

As the reps continue to execute calls, the scores given by managers are recorded on an ongoing basis to track improvements over time in personalized coaching dashboards. Structured accreditation systems and progress tracking on Personal Development Plans help reps become more self-aware and feel a sense of achievement while also receiving recognition for skill mastery. Further, enablement leaders and sales teams have more insight and transparency in an individual’s growth, and can demonstrate results for their programs.

“One of the hardest aspects of sales enablement is driving change on the front lines. Finding coachable moments and learning from reps that have mastered a skill and scaling those learnings across the team has been the bottleneck in sales coaching,” said Roy Raanani, CEO of “Our new sales coaching initiatives allow managers to score a call once and then automatically distribute A+ examples to any rep that is struggling with a skill, saving them countless hours, and more importantly driving real change. We’re excited to have partnered with world-class revenue organizations like Lessonly, Pandora, and Adroll to bring this game-changing functionality to market.

"We've structured our on-boarding program with a series of virtual and live role-plays that give our reps opportunities to practice before they engage with our prospects,” said Bryan Naas, director of sales enablement for Lessonly. “With Scorecards in Chorus, we will be able to reinforce our coaching culture by closing the feedback loop using the same feedback criteria on live calls that we did in their role-plays. I’m excited to make Scorecards a key part of our on-boarding program, as well as the ongoing coaching that managers do with their teams to drive continuous learning and improvement." has worked with hundreds of customers to increase quota attainment and shorten new hire ramp times by creating visibility and analyzing prospect-facing meetings at scale. The company’s proprietary AI automatically identifies and curates such moments for sales and customer success teams, thus freeing sales representatives to focus on building relationships that impact selling outcomes and use those insights for real-time sales coaching and to replicate sales best practices.

“Adding metrics to better understand where a rep needs to improve and giving them the tools, namely messaging and best-practices, via its new Scorecards gives Chorus a competitive edge,” said Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research. “Chorus has been a pioneer in the conversation intelligence industry, and now it’s making waves in terms of coaching and up-skilling reps.”

This announcement comes on the heels of’s launch of Smart Playlists for mobile. was also recently named a 2019 Aragon Hot Vendor in Conversation Intelligence and won the 2019 Excellence in Customer Service Award for Best Technology of the Year by Business Intelligence Group (BIG) For more information on Scorecards, please visit

About is the No.1 Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams. Founded in 2015,’s Conversation Intelligence Platform identifies and helps teams replicate the performance of top-performing reps by analyzing their sales meetings. These insights serve as the foundation of an effective coaching strategy for sales and customer success teams and provide insight into the voice-of-the-customer across the entire organization. Customers like Zoom, Outreach, Qualtrics, Adobe, and GitLab ramp new hires to productivity 30-50% faster and see an increase in quota attainment from 20-to-100%. is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Tel Aviv and Boston.


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