Progress House, Inc. and WEconnect Health Management Partner to Use Technology to Support Long-Term Recovery

Partnership offers evidence-based tool that leverages the most effective standalone treatment technique for substance abuse disorder: contingency management.

INDIANAPOLIS--()--Healthcare-technology company WEconnect Health Management recently announced a partnership with Indiana’s oldest recovery home, Progress House, to use technology to support its residents in recovery from substance use disorders. With WEconnect, residents will have the ability to stay connected and accountable with Progress House staff and their recovery stakeholders.

Every year, 23 million Americans seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and more than 80 percent of patients relapse after treatment. The addiction crisis has impacted Indiana tremendously. Treatment programs, such as Recovery Housing, are a crucial step on the path to long-term addiction recovery. However, of Indiana’s 92 counties, 63 of them do not have recovery housing, making it increasingly important to support the recovery homes in operation throughout Indiana.

WEconnect’s innovative app supports recovery homes and reduces relapse rates by providing comprehensive and reliable tracking metrics to improve treatment beyond the initial 30-day program. The app utilizes contingency management, the most effective standalone treatment technique for substance use disorder. This behavioral therapy has historically been costly and time consuming, but WEconnect has made it affordable and easy to implement.

“Addiction recovery is an ongoing journey,” said Darrell Mitchell, Progress House CEO. “This partnership with WEconnect Health Management allows us to provide our residents with an additional layer of evidence-based resources and support systems to further their path to long-term recovery.”

WEconnect provides patients with an online network of support after they leave treatment facilities, setting up easy check-ins with counselors and offering activities that support continued recovery. WEconnect positively reinforces those verifiable recovery activities with vouchers and rewards. WEconnect also monitors treatment plan routines and identifies the risk of relapse before it happens so a patient’s personal support networks and providers can intervene. Together, these techniques have been proven to reduce relapse rates.

WEconnect was co-founded by tech entrepreneur Daniela Luzi Tudor and former French Open Champion Murphy Jensen to provide a resource they felt was missing from their own recovery journeys – a technology solution that is both empathetic and data-driven.

Currently, 25 of the 148 men living in Progress House have access to WEconnect’s app. Progress House is hosting a fundraiser in June to cover the cost of providing all patients access to the app. WEconnect advisor Scott Gorman will be delivering the keynote. Gorman is a nationally recognized interventionist who worked with the National Football League for five years and the Indianapolis Colts for nine.

“I am so grateful that WEconnect Health Management is able to partner with Progress House,” Gorman said. “Throughout my 17 years of involvement with Progress House, nothing has been more evident than their commitment to saving lives, a mission that we share, and one we look forward to growing within this partnership.”

The app includes several key features that are proven to reduce relapse rates by addressing the primary reasons for relapse:

  • Identifying Relapse Before It Happens - Proprietary Relapse Risk Level
    • WEconnect’s patent-pending algorithm provides real-time updates on patient risk to their support team so they can step in and provide extra help in critical moments.
  • Positive Reinforcement for Treatment Plan - Location-Verified Rewards System
    • WEconnect incorporates an innovative contingency management-based rewards system, which has been shown to improve abstinence by 17 percent vs. control groups. GPS verification ensures accountability.
  • Helping Treatment Center Staff Improve Outcomes - WEconnect Data Dashboard
    • Designed for treatment center staff, the WEconnect dashboard allows the care team to view group and individual progress including predictive indicators for patients who are at high risk of relapse.

First released in 2016, the app is currently used by thousands of patients across the United States.

About WEconnect Health Management

WEconnect provides evidence-based addiction recovery technology to reduce relapse rates, save lives and support healthy communities. WEconnect reduces relapse, keeps individuals accountable, connected to community support and helps them thrive in recovery. For more information on WEconnect, visit

About Progress House

Progress House is the oldest and largest Recovery Home in Indiana. Founded in 1961 by a group of individuals recognizing the need for a recovery center in Indianapolis, it now homes 148 men in recovery from substance-abuse disorders. Progress House offers complete immersion in the recovery process. Not only are residents fed and housed, but they also have structure, supervision and systems of accountability while being supported in their journey to remain sober. To learn more about Progress House, visit


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Release Summary

WEconnect Health Management recently announced a partnership with Indiana's Progress House to support its residents in recovery from substance abuse.


Samantha Leeds (206-557-4326),