New Research: Hansen Lighting Proves Positive Impact of Healthy Lighting

Study of Two Preschools with BYU Statistics Department Shows Improvement in Children's Attention Span, Resourcefulness and Resilience

OREM, Utah--()--Hansen Lighting, an industry leader and pioneer in lighting products for homes, community, business buildings and schools, recently completed research that proves the advantages of healthy lighting. The company’s recent experiment with children ages 4-5 years resulted in improved scores in attention span, resilience, group engagement, and cooperation.

With input and guidance from the BYU statistics department, Hansen Lighting conducted 38 trials with 19 children to ensure statistically valid results.

The children cycled through two rooms, one with an existing and standard lighting system and the other with new lighting designed to optimize focus and creativity. The experiment randomized which lighting the children would experience first. Each child was asked to stack a pile of blocks as high as possible. Stunningly, ideal lighting produced a 32 percent increase in attention span for 3 out of 4 children. The researchers videotaped and assessed results to measure key markers for learning and engagement in the following areas:

  • Attention Span: the actual time spent on task
  • Resilience: the number of times children started over after a failure
  • Resourcefulness: the ability to use tools placed three feet away (a stepstool)
  • Group Engagement: the ability to work together
  • Group Cooperation: the ability to share ideas and work together

Resilience improved by approximately 83 percent, with 5 out of 6 children improving their scores in the healthy lighting room, a 2X improvement compared to the ‘standard lighting’ room scores.

In addition to the individual cycles, four additional trials involved groups of five children working together to stack the blocks. In this test, the children improved their resilience score by 125 percent in healthy lighting, along with a 33 percent improvement in group engagement.

These results demonstrate yet again the power of healthy lighting to impact children's ability to learn and concentrate, as measured in a set of 2018 studies from Denmark that also showed a positive influence on concentration in the presence of healthy light.

Healthy light is paramount not only to schooling but in homes, community and government buildings as well, according to Hansen Lighting, who proclaims a mission to “illuminate the path to happier living through healthy lighting.” The company is expanding rapidly: In 2018 the firm achieved record 3-year growth of 129 percent, according to the Inc. 5000 2018 list.

For more information about Hansen Lighting and about the impact of healthy lighting, visit here.

About Hansen Lighting

Hansen Lighting bases its healthy lighting philosophy on the Danish concept of ‘Hygge,' and lighting science principles to measurably improve wellness and safety by reducing eye strain, improving visibility, enhancing sensory experiences and making spaces more welcoming, joyful and comfortable. Rather, lighting has the proven ability to make a positive impact on every environment, from the home to the schoolroom. Founded more than 50 years ago, Hansen Lighting continues to provide its customers with an extraordinary experience through its in-depth knowledge of the science of lighting.


Shannon Michael
SnappConner PR

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New Research: Hansen Lighting Proves Positive Impact of Healthy Lighting; Study of Two Preschools with Shows Improvement in Attention Span, Resilience


Shannon Michael
SnappConner PR