The Uber of Roadside Assistance, Mach1, Now Recruiting Service Providers

SAN ANTONIO--()--The first of its kind, fully automated and on-demand roadside assistance app is now recruiting service providers for a nationwide network.

Mach1’s app dispatches the closest service provider in real time through a patent pending process and dispatching system. The sophisticated algorithms connect customers to providers for their roadside assistance needs.

Customers can utilize eight different roadside assistance services: tow truck, out-of-fuel, lockout, dead battery, flat tire, mobile mechanic, trip inspection, and a local non-emergency police connection. They don’t need a membership or subscription and can order the services as needed and on-demand.

Service Providers can sign-up to provide any combination of services they wish to, and are not required to have a tow truck. “In-fact, many tow companies are putting on pick-up trucks to service these customers, because you don’t need a tow truck to bring someone fuel, change a tire or jump start a vehicle,” said Rick Narpaul, Founder and CEO of Mach1.

“We wanted to use technology to solve the pain points in the industry so we’ve really put a lot of effort into getting the tech right,” said Co-Founder and President Laura Narpaul. Mach1 is helping the entire roadside assistance community, from customers and providers, to even other auto clubs, insurance companies and car dealerships with its technology licensing and whitelabeling options.

Businesses and independent providers are now registering with Mach1 on a custom built portal and dashboard. They’ll be able to manage their services offered, while viewing graphs on the service calls completed, revenue earned, customers ratings, and other features.

Service Providers are especially excited about many of the apps features:

-Direct connect with customers

-Automated, patent-pending dispatch system - no dispatcher contact

-Price window (provider chooses final price within price window - no price haggling)

-Payment processing in app

-GPS to customer

-In-App communication (text or call customer in app)

-Auto-pay every 24 hours (48 rolling)

-Rewards program

Mach1 also offers a veteran and first responder program which reimburses for passed background checks and potentially safety equipment. “The goal is to help veterans earn extra income on a part-time or full-time basis based on their knowledge and skill set within the roadside assistance industry,” said Rick Narpaul.

Many times, off-duty police officers stop to help a person in need of roadside assistance. These officers and other first responders have an opportunity to make some extra cash, doing something they would have likely done in their free time.

Service providers don’t pay any monthly subscription fees for access to the Mach1 customers, and the app is free to download, when it becomes available. They simply pay an operating fee for Mach1 to run the app at the time of a service call. The fees vary depending on the region of the service, but is designed to create a benefit to them, versus the price haggling and flat fees they’re used to.

Providers are all vetted to ensure safety is a first priority including background checks and safety training. Providers that can provide a current background check can apply to have it reviewed against Mach1’s community standards, or they can use Mach1’s automated checking process as well.

Mach1 is recruiting providers to build a nationwide network and will be announcing the launch of its apps within the next quarter of 2019, which is in the final stages of beta testing. The company has almost completed its Pre-Seed round funding and will be looking to go directly in Seed funding round by Q3 or Q4 of this year. “There’s a reason the Forbes Tech Council has predicted industry transformation this year. We believe the industry is ready, and prime for disruption,” said Laura Narpaul.

Service Providers can apply here to be a part of the future of roadside assistance.

About Mach1:

Mach1 is the first on-demand app to truly automate & digitize the roadside assistance industry. Our patent-pending process is changing the way roadside assistance gets done, making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for both customers and providers. We've built an automated platform that automatically dispatches the closest service provider to you, getting you help fast, right when you need it most. You can order roadside assistance without membership fees and you'll have the reassurance that your provider has been background checked and safety certified before they help. For more information please visit: or email


Laura Narpaul 210-503-5880

Release Summary

The first of its kind, fully automated and on-demand roadside assistance app is now recruiting service providers for a nationwide network.


Laura Narpaul 210-503-5880