Medacta Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation Supported by Education at 9th M.O.R.E. International Symposium

-- Program focuses on personalized solutions for hip, knee, spine and shoulder arthroplasty and arthroscopy

LUGANO, Switzerland--()--Celebrating its 20th corporate anniversary in 2019, Medacta® International today kicks off its 9th Medacta Orthopedic Research and Education (M.O.R.E.) International Symposium in Lugano, Switzerland, near the location of the company’s global headquarters. Two decades after its founding, Medacta remains committed to furthering surgeon education and providing the tools and resources necessary to improve both the surgeon and patient experience. The 9th M.O.R.E. Symposium highlights the growing trend of personalized medicine and the impact of customizable tools and patient-matched solutions in various orthopedic disciplines.

As we launch into our 20th year, we reinforce that Medacta was built on the belief that continuous surgeon education and hands-on training can and will improve a patient’s experience in orthopedics and positively impact overall healthcare sustainability,” said Francesco Siccardi, Chief Executive Officer of Medacta International. “We are thrilled to host orthopedic surgeons from all over the world as we seek to amplify international discourse concerning personalized solutions for patients seeking pain relief in all areas of orthopedic care.”

Symposium sessions will focus on a variety of orthopedic disciplines, including knee, hip, spine and shoulder, each highlighting personalized surgical approaches and technology innovations that push the treatment landscape forward. This year’s event will welcome 1,500 attendees from all over the world and, for the first time, will include content on sports medicine, offering numerous sessions led by experts in the field. More than 120 orthopedic surgery experts will present at the meeting, including keynote speakers Bernhard Jost (Switzerland) and Douglas Padgett (U.S.) for joint; Matthias Zumstein (Switzerland) for sports medicine; and Paul Heini (Switzerland) and Klaus Radermacher (Germany) for spine.

Twenty-five sessions will take place over the duration of the three-day meeting, each available for attendees to participate in throughout the symposium. Chairmen of the joint sessions include: Peter Koch (Switzerland) and Gareth Scott (U.K.) for Knee Day; Francesco M. Benazzo (Italy) and Tyler D. Goldberg (U.S.) for Hip Day; and Ralph Hertel (Switzerland) and Matthew D. Saltzman (U.S.) for Shoulder Day. Chairmen of the sports medicine sessions include: Christian Fink (Austria) and Rainer Siebold (Germany) for Knee Day; Frédéric Laude (France) and John O’Donnell (Australia) for Hip Day; and Leesa M. Galatz (U.S.) and Markus Scheibel (Germany) for Shoulder Day. Richard Guyer (U.S.), Manabu Ito (Japan), Paul Heini (Switzerland) and Christoph-Eckhard Heyde (Germany) will serve as Chairmen of the spine sessions.

The orthopedic field is shifting quickly towards personalized techniques and technologies, including pre-operative 3D-planning platforms and patient-matched solutions, that can achieve a near perfect fit for any patient to minimize recovery time and maximize longevity of the implant,” said Tyler Goldberg, M.D., of Austin, Texas. “The 9th M.O.R.E. Symposium will promote dialogue around these topics and provide a forum for international clinical leaders to connect and share valuable insights.”

Below are overviews for the programs taking place over the next three days:

Knee Sports Medicine Day (Thursday, April 11): “Rediscover the Anatomical Way”
Designed with the patient and the anatomy in mind, the M-ARS ACL is an original concept that successfully mimics the native anatomical ACL while reconstructing it. This concept includes dedicated implant, instruments and surgical technique.

Knee Arthroplasty Day (Friday, April 12): “Knee Biomechanics, Technologies and Devices: A Path to Improving Patient Outcomes”
A successful and satisfactory knee replacement is achieved by mastering individual biomechanics and a range of dedicated techniques, personalized for each patient. This will optimize treatment, minimize tissue sacrifice and take advantage of the state of the art technological support.

Shoulder Sports Medicine Day (Friday, April 12): “Fixation and Versatility as Expected”
Shoulder instability and rotator cuff repairs require multiple devices and multiple techniques to achieve the goal of shoulder arthroscopic surgeries: pain relief and restored motion. Implant versatility is the key to support surgeons in personalized patient treatments.

Hip Sports Medicine Day (Friday, April 12): “Personalized Planned Results”
Arthroscopic treatments for hip deformities and/or intra-articular damages are becoming more and more popular, aiming to halt degeneration of the joint and to prevent hip osteoarthritis. Providing personalized solutions is the way to foster these surgeries.

Spine Sessions (Friday, April 12 – Saturday, April 13)
Sessions will focus on how new trends and novel technologies, along with personalized patient specific treatments, can positively affect surgical practice with optimized clinical outcomes.

Hip Arthroplasty Day (Saturday, April 13): “The Hip Replacement Individual Journey”
Modern tools and techniques span from pre-operative simulation and planning to revision and components removal.

Shoulder Arthroplasty Day (Saturday, April 13): “Complete, Convertible, Innovative”
Shoulder Arthroplasty is the fastest growing segment in orthopedics, mainly due to the clinical results provided by the modern products available. Innovation and reproducibility are key to ensure excellent long term results.

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About Medacta International

Medacta is an international orthopaedics company specializing in the design and production of innovative orthopaedic products and the development of accompanying surgical techniques. Established in 1999 in Switzerland, Medacta’s products and surgical techniques are characterized by innovation. Medacta is a pioneer in developing new offerings on the basis of the minimally invasive surgical techniques, in particular its Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery (“AMIS”) technique for hip replacements. Medacta has leveraged its orthopedic expertise and comprehensive understanding of the human body to develop the sophisticated “MySolutions” technology, which offers surgeons highly personalized pre-operative planning and implant placement methodologies by creating advanced personalized kinematic models and 3D planning tools for use in hip, knee, shoulder and spine procedures. Medacta is headquartered in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland, and Rancate, Switzerland, and employs approximately 970 people. To learn more about Medacta, please visit and follow @Medacta on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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For Medacta International
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