Delta Thermo Energy appoints Javier Palomarez to its Board of Directors

Javier Palomarez was named to the Board of Directors of Delta Thermo Energy (Photo: Business Wire)

JENKINTOWN, Pa.--()--Javier Palomarez was named to the Board of Directors of Delta Thermo Energy, the company announced today. The company is a leader in delivering the world’s first sustainable and scalable Waste-to-Fuel systems for industry and community through their technology.

“We are thrilled to have Javier join our Board,” said Rob Van Naarden, Founder and CEO of Delta Thermo Energy. “Since we began our relationship with Javier, he has been instrumental in evangelizing our company to the financial community, and sharing with state and national representatives the positive impact we can deliver to their constituents.”

“America generates 280 million tons of waste annually. I know the immense positive impact Delta Thermo Energy can have on our communities and am honored to join this transformational company,” said Javier Palomarez. “DTE solves three critical factors that face our nation – the waste crisis caused by the tremendous amount of trash being created, the impact of this waste on our people and climate, and the increasing demand for clean energy.”

Palomarez has previously held executive roles at Sprint, Bank of America, ING, and was most recently CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Palomarez has been recognized as one of the most influential Hispanics in the US and has been frequently featured in global media. Palomarez also serves on the board of MasTec, Inc., a Fortune 500 infrastructure development company.

“We are at a tipping point in the US as trash piles up, landfills are closing daily, carbon emissions are soaring. DTE addresses all of these challenges,” said Van Naarden.

For years, the US sent 4,000 shipping containers of waste to China daily. China has now banned the import of waste, exacerbating the waste crisis in the US. Also, because of substantially increased costs, hundreds of cities have had to cancel their recycling programs and are now sending this waste to landfills. One third of all methane emissions into the atmosphere come from landfills.

Delta Thermo Energy is a leader in delivering the world’s first sustainable Waste-to-Fuel systems. Their patent pending Hydrothermal Decomposition technology enables its systems to convert municipal solid waste and sewage sludge into a clean-burning engineered pulverized fuel (EPF) that produces Near Zero Emissions. The Delta Thermo Energy process reduces costs and pollution for waste processing, protects the environment, and creates clean energy.


Shahid Butt

Release Summary

Javier Palomarez named to Delta Thermo Energy Board. DTE is a leader in delivering sustainable and scalable Waste-to-Fuel systems.


Shahid Butt