Top 2019 Outdoor Living Trends

Redwood lumber is top option in many of this year’s outdoor trends

SANTA ROSA, Calif.--()--With spring quickly approaching, many homeowners are starting to dream and plan about being outside and how to make the most of their home’s outdoor space. Humboldt Redwood, a leading manufacturer and distributor of natural wood for outdoor living, has created a list of this year’s top outdoor living trends in which redwood plays a role.

Creation of outdoor living spaces continues to be one of the biggest trends in homeownership. Specifically, the National Association of Home Builders recently published research that shows spending on outdoor living continues to grow, and decking and fencing are at the heart of that spending. As experts in decking and fencing, among other outdoor structures, the team at Humboldt Redwood reflect on what they are seeing in outdoor living spaces.

Sustainable, Eco-Conscious Outdoor Design
Real wood products that are sustainability grown are ubiquitous on green building “best product” lists. Home builders believe that more than two-thirds of buyers want to see green products in a home and Redwood products fit that bill perfectly. Humboldt Redwood is grown and harvested in a responsible, ethical manner at a level consistently below the forests’ annual growth rate and trees are replanted annually. Doing this ensures Humboldt Redwood will be an endlessly, renewable resource. Unlike plastic decking products, which often produce pollution as a byproduct and can end up in landfills, Redwood can be recycled throughout its useful life into landscape mulch, or reclaimed for new structures. Humboldt Redwood is also certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C013133), the worldwide leader in sustainable forest certification.

Buying Local
Buying local isn’t just about food products or small businesses. More than 40 percent of millennials claim a preference for buying local, even if the item could be more expensive than mass-market alternatives. They like feeling connected to the products they buy, and having it be a reflection of their community and culture. There is also the added benefit of making a significant difference in a product’s carbon footprint if it doesn’t need to be shipped from across the country or even the world. The greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, that are generated by mass production and transportation trap heat in the atmosphere, and are considered a primary cause of climate change and global warming. Redwood products, grown and sustainably harvested in Northern California, not only cut down on shipping-related greenhouse gases, but the trees are actually very effective at removing carbon dioxide from the air, thereby helping to reduce greenhouse gases. Because trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow, a fast-growing species like redwood makes a big impact. Even as redwood trees are harvested and made into the lumber, the carbon remains sequestered in the wood with the average redwood deck holding about a half-ton of carbon.

And for those consumers who like to know more about where their products come from, Humboldt Redwood holds an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its redwood decking. An EPD is a transparent, objective report that communicates what a product is made of and how it impacts the environment across its entire life cycle. The EPD includes information on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results for all processes in the redwood decking life cycle. This cradle-to-grave product system includes forest management, logging, transportation of logs to lumber mills, sawing, kiln-drying, planing, installation, use/maintenance, and landfilling.

Interest in DIY Continues to Grow
The Home Improvement Institute says that DIY projects are on the rise, particularly with Millennials because the use of technology to learn DIY projects and techniques makes them willing students. Redwood makes a perfect material for many outdoor living DIY projects because it is easy to sand and fasten, and it can be cut and shaped with readily available tools. Not only can Redwood be used to fabricate countless designs such as outdoor furniture, decks, pergolas, arbors, fences and more, it can also be stained a wide range of colors that might be transparent, translucent or opaque.

Personalizing Projects
Personalizing projects to reflect a homeowner’s personality is a trend that continues to grow and be increasingly popular because of the availability of so many unique building products. Making a personalized design statement is easy to do when working with Humboldt Redwood by considering several different factors, including the lumber grade, dimension, and finish characteristic. Redwood is an extremely versatile material that is both accessible and affordable.

Humboldt Redwood is readily available in a variety of sizes and grades and a unique look can be created by using different lengths and widths of Humboldt Redwood deck boards. Deck boards are readily available in four and six-inch widths and lengths from six to 20 feet. If budget is a priority, less in-demand deck board lengths such as 8’, 10’, and 14’ can be more economical, so designing a deck to take advantage of these less commonly used board lengths can be a win-win for homeowners.

Low Maintenance Lifestyles
As life continues to get more complex in some respects, homeowners look to simplify in others. Sun, wind, rain, and insects can be tough on outdoor structures, but Redwood stands up to the elements and is a great choice as a low-maintenance material. It is naturally resistant to insects and decay. It resists warping, splitting and stays comfortable to bare feet even on the hottest, sunniest days. With simple care and maintenance, a Redwood structure will perform well and look great for decades.

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Jay Lemke


Jay Lemke