ReviveMed Receives Frost & Sullivan AI-Driven Next-Generation Metabolomics Technology Innovation Award

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--ReviveMed is proud to announce that they are the recipient of the North American AI-Driven Next-Generation Metabolomics Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan as part of that company's 2018 Best Practices Awards. Frost & Sullivan, which has been providing a wide range of business consulting and market research analysis for over 50 years, expects that AI will redefine the entire drug discovery and development process. Frost & Sullivan realizes that expanding, accelerating, and strengthening the access to metabolomics data is crucial to success in the competitive and resource-constrained drug discovery environment.

“Experimental characterizations of the human metabolome require decades of research and billions of dollars; that’s why we developed an artificial intelligence or AI platform to overcome these difficulties,” said Dr. Leila Pirhaji, ReviveMed’s Founder and CEO. “AI can significantly advance our ability to characterize a large set of metabolites for each patient, which has not been possible before and will lead us to understand novel disease mechanisms for drug discovery.”

Metabolomics, or the study of metabolites, traditionally has been used to identify biomarkers of diseases. Now, there is growing evidence of metabolites’ role as regulators of biological activities and modifiers of other omics, including genomics. However, the difficulties of characterizing a large number of metabolites for each patient have limited the applications of metabolomics in precision medicine and drug discovery. The combination of ReviveMed’s proprietary database and their AI algorithm offers an opportunity to conduct fewer experiments to identify metabolites more efficiently. Once the identity of the metabolite is predicted, the data is integrated into other large-scale molecular datasets and translated into novel therapeutic insights for drug discovery purposes.

“ReviveMed has created a paradigm shift in the drug discovery process by developing and exploiting one of the most comprehensive, accessible, and affordable troves of metabolomics data,” said Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe, Senior Industry Analyst and Associate Fellow at Frost & Sullivan. “ReviveMed’s MetEngine platform consistently integrates untargeted metabolomics data with genomics and proteomics data. The artificial intelligence-driven approach infers disease-associated metabolites and proteins that are impossible to obtain through individual analysis.”

ReviveMed envisions the use of automated tools to help therapeutics developers introduce real, data-driven evidence into the process of drug discovery and development. ReviveMed’s technology reveals the crucial relationship between the activity of genes and proteins and the phenotypic behavior in both healthy and diseased states. ReviveMed exploits the best features of AI and omics science, creating what Frost & Sullivan believes is a strong competitive advantage. The details of Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award can be downloaded here.

About ReviveMed

ReviveMed is an AI-driven drug discovery platform focused on discovering therapeutics for metabolic diseases including fatty liver diseases. ReviveMed is a pioneer in the intersection of AI and metabolomics, located in the heart of biotech innovation in Cambridge, MA. ReviveMed uniquely overcomes the difficulties of identifying a large set of metabolites for each patient, based on the technology that ReviveMed’s founders developed at MIT and published in Nature Methods. It further translates metabolomic data to generate novel therapeutic insights for drug and drug response biomarker discovery. Currently, ReviveMed is collaborating with tier-one pharmaceutical companies and pursuing internal drug discovery programs. Learn more at, and follow us on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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