INTRODUCING TWENTY: Not Another Social Network, A Network That Makes You More Social

New app Twenty® created to enable real life meet ups

Company has strategic partnerships with DJ Khaled and industry leading entertainment companies Live Nation, Endeavor, The Madison Square Garden Company and TAO Group

Arianna Huffington and Rande Gerber to join the Board


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New app Twenty® created to enable real life meet ups.

NEW YORK--()--Today marks the official launch of Twenty, a new app that seamlessly allows users to see which of their friends are around and what they are doing later, discover nearby events and coordinate plans to meet up in real life. Twenty was formed out of a need for today’s plugged-in generation to spend more time connecting with their friends in real life instead of through a screen. Twenty’s goal is to drive more human connection by making it easier than ever to make plans and create new opportunities for friends to meet up.

Most social networking products allow users to share highlights of experiences that have occurred in the past or present. On Twenty, users do not share what they have done in the past, but instead what they are doing in the future, helping friends "See Who’s Around, See Who’s Down and Hangout." Twenty is a more intimate platform. It is designed to help users connect with the friends that they want to hang out with in real life, rather than a bloated network of people who they don’t regularly spend time with, and in many cases, don’t know very well. Privacy is at the core of the Twenty experience as users are able to choose when and with whom they share.

Twenty is the first launch from the company formerly known as InSite Applications, LLC, founded by Diesel Peltz and Mark French. Diesel Peltz is the son of Nelson Peltz, who has provided the company with high-level strategic guidance since its formation.

In summary, Twenty allows users to:

  • See where friends are on the map
  • Create a “Hangout” to make plans for now or later
  • Invite friends and see who’s down to meet up
  • Discover cool things happening nearby (concerts, happy hours, sporting events, restaurants and more)

Twenty’s primary feature is “Hangouts”, which gives users ease and flexibility when making plans. Hangouts allow users who are planning to meet up with friends to share what they are up to now or later. Hangouts can be open or closed, allowing users to invite as many friends (or friends of friends) as the user chooses. Everyone who joins a Hangout is able to chat about the plan and edit the details as things change or evolve.

Twenty has experienced success on numerous college campuses, including the University of Florida, the University of Wisconsin and Tulane University. In the last month alone, Twenty has enabled over 25,000 real life experiences. During that same timeframe, over 50% of all students who have downloaded Twenty continue to use it each week to meet up with their friends. In addition, Twenty has been conducting product testing at major entertainment and sporting events in collaboration with its strategic partners.

Twenty’s strategic partners, including Live Nation, Endeavor (formerly WME/IMG), The Madison Square Garden Company, and TAO Group believe that Twenty’s technology could fundamentally change the way their fans experience events, and intend to utilize Twenty as a way for their consumers to discover events, engage on a deeper level with talent and allow users to seamlessly find and meet up with friends.

“There’s a tremendous amount of value derived from knowing where your friends are and what they are doing. Twenty has quietly built the best location-sharing product out there and we believe they have the opportunity to be the next breakthrough technology company,” said Mark Shapiro, President of Endeavor.

"I have gotten a lot of credit for maximizing my social media platform. I told my team two years ago, tech that helps people spend time together in real life is going to be the next big thing. I have tested many products in this space. Twenty is hands down the best, and it is going to really help get people together in real life. We are about to change the game with Twenty," says DJ Khaled.

"Technology is just a tool. It can be used to enhance our lives by bringing us together, or it can diminish our lives by isolating us from one another. Looking at the data and hearing from those who have used Twenty across the country, it’s clear that Twenty is proof that technology can truly be a force for good in our lives," said Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global who will join Twenty’s board upon its formation together with Rande Gerber, Founder and Chairman of Casamigos Tequila.

“We believe the future of consumer internet is in enabling experiences in the analog world versus creating more ways for people to connect digitally. Our mission is to utilize technology to connect users to the people and experiences that are most important to them in real life,” said Diesel Peltz, Co-Founder and CEO of Twenty.

“We have been extremely fortunate to develop this business with Rande Gerber, Arianna Huffington, DJ Khaled and the leadership teams from Live Nation, Endeavor, MSG and TAO. We have built an incredible team and we are now focused on helping our strategic partners enhance their millions of fans’ experiences by utilizing Twenty,” said Mark French, Twenty Co-Founder.

Twenty is available for download for free in the App Store and Google Play.


Twenty is an iOS, Android and Web experience that seamlessly allows users to see which of their friends are around, what they are doing later, discover events nearby and coordinate plans to meet up in real life. Diesel Peltz and Mark French are the Co-Founders of Twenty Holdings, LLC (the “Company”), which has offices in San Francisco and New York City. The Company has entered into strategic partnerships with Live Nation, Endeavor (formerly WME/IMG), The Madison Square Garden Company, and DJ Khaled, and Arianna Huffington, and Rande Gerber intend to join the Company’s Board upon its formation.


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