New Wireless Innovation Forum Project to Deliver White Paper on Modular Radio Architecture

Project to provide detailed strategy for integrating framework and architectural approaches upon which the next generation of SDR standards will be defined

WASHINGTON--()--The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum) today announced the approval of and call for participation in a new group aimed at developing a white paper for integrating framework and architectural approaches upon which the next generation of software defined radio (SDR) standards will be defined. The Modular Radio Architecture (MRA) project is for software defined radio stakeholders and users who seek standardized procedures that can be followed to provide innovative solutions that meet the changing expectations of users.

Per Jim Evangelos, deputy director for DoD Waveform Standards, Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC), “The JTNC has identified the Modular Radio Architecture as a collection of recommended standards and interfaces to be referenced by developers according to intended operational use. The JTNC is looking forward to collaborating with the Wireless Innovation Forum in developing this new concept.”

The project white paper will define, following an open international development process, a detailed strategy for integrating products developed in accordance with existing software defined radio frameworks and architectural approaches. It also facilitates the extension of the capabilities of prominent framework and architectural approaches to accommodate a diversity of software frameworks and accommodate considerations introduced by scenarios such as “software defined networking” SDN and repurposing of commercial communications technology such as 4G or 5G chipsets.

Integrating initiatives developed over the past several years within the scope of a higher level of abstraction will expand the breadth of products that can be assembled and connected within a standards-based, open architecture beyond those defined for a single environment. This expanded set of products will enable SDR products to be better positioned to provide solutions for a wider range of scenarios and applications while minimizing cost and schedule impacts.

As stated in the project proposal, the Modular Systems Architecture Working Group will:

  • study the available software frameworks that exist (e.g. SCA, OMS and FACE) and identify complementary features, overlaps and potential integration points, leveraging the expertise that WInnForum has developed within SCA, but also those who have knowledge of the other frameworks;
  • identify alternative architectural approaches such as hardware waveforms used within wireless communications devices (e.g. radios, etc.);
  • develop a set of requirements and scenarios that would need to be satisfied to have a viable product that would warrant the definition of a new specification, and
  • develop a white paper that reviews and validates the emerging requirements.

Led by representatives from Raytheon and Thales, the group will conduct its kickoff meeting 7 March and will meet weekly thereafter. Individuals or organizations wishing to participate are welcomed and should contact Lee Pucker at to become involved.

The resulting white paper will be available in December 2019.

Supported by platinum sponsors Indra Sistemas, Motorola Solutions, and Thales, WInnForum has several working groups focusing on projects related to SCA, SDR, and Spectrum Innovation. Visit to learn more.

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New project launched to integrate framework and architectural approaches upon which the next generation of SDR standards will be defined


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Lee Pucker, 604-828-9876, or
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