Dr. Robert Feingold Joins Fasano Associates

WASHINGTON--()--Dr. Robert M. Feingold has joined Fasano Associates as Senior Medical Director.

Dr. Feingold previously served as Vice President and Medical Director of Legal and General America, which includes Banner Life and William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York. He is Board Certified in Internal and Insurance Medicine. He is widely published and previously served as a Clinical Instructor at the NYU School of Medicine.

Said Michael Fasano, President of Fasano Associates: “Dr. Feingold is among the best physicians in insurance medicine and we are delighted to have him join our cadre of Medical Directors.”

Fasano Associates is an underwriting organization that is unique in its use of physicians to perform life expectancy analyses. A study published in the North American Actuarial Journal found the average difference in actual versus estimated total months of survival for Fasano’s life expectancy estimates since 2006 to be less than one month.

Added Fasano: “We have done over 185,000 life expectancy estimates over the last 18 years, and I think the results speak for themselves. Our physician intensive approach is tried and true.”

About Fasano Associates:

Fasano Associates is a leading underwriting consulting firm serving the life, health, annuity and life settlement industries.

Release Summary

Fasano adds new Medical Director to Staff.