Focused Exclusively on Business Software Companies, PeakSpan Capital Raises $265 Million in an Oversubscribed Second Fund

BURLINGAME, Calif. & NEW YORK--()--PeakSpan Capital, an investment firm focused on growth-stage business-to-business software companies, has announced it has raised $265 million in an oversubscribed second fund.

PeakSpan Capital was founded in 2015 by Phil Dur, Brian Mulvey, and Matt Melymuka with the mission of being the partner of choice for best-in-class software entrepreneurs that are looking to scale resiliently and capitalize on persistently strategic, high-quality market opportunities. PeakSpan closed its inaugural fund in 2015, partnering with 12 businesses out of that fund.

“We didn’t launch PeakSpan to pursue a ‘spray and pray’ investment strategy or encourage companies that we partner with to have a ‘growth at all costs’ mentality. Instead, we back a limited number of entrepreneurs and view each of our investments as a true partnership, working with our management teams to build a foundation of repeatable and scalable success,” stated Phil Dur. “With decades of collective experience across dozens of investments throughout the business software universe, we understand and appreciate the exhilarating but trying journey involved in building a software business the right way and look to play an active role in helping our entrepreneurs reach their goal.”

PeakSpan Capital’s objective to break from the traditional growth equity and venture capital firm approach can be attributed to its foundational mantra, combining an “old school”, relationship-driven, domain-centric, and highly-focused approach to working with companies with a “new school” application of enriched data and technology-assisted processes across the entire investment lifecycle (from origination through partnership value-add).

PeakSpan focuses on a tight portfolio of market segments where it invests exclusively and develops meaningful specialization and domain expertise. In addition, the firm has a unique emphasis on emerging growth-stage businesses – companies that have demonstrated product-market fit and are seeing strong traction, but where continued sensible scaling is the mandate and consistent execution is a top priority. PeakSpan emphasizes a transparent, collaborative relationship with its management teams. “We’d like our companies to view us as an extension of their management bench. It’s like having a strategic consulting firm in the trenches with you that understands your stage, business, and sector cold. When our CEOs shine the bat signal we are there to help across any initiative, no matter how tactical or strategic,” noted Matt Melymuka.

“Our proprietary technology platform, which we’ve been building and refining for over a decade, captures signal data from hundreds of sources and enriches this data with algorithmic business logic to help us identify promising prospects and assist portfolio companies across a broad range of projects – from lead generation for sales teams, to rich market and competitive insights,” continued Brian Mulvey. “We’ve invested significant person-years optimizing a next-generation, data-centric approach to our business, similar to that pursued by many of our portfolio companies. It’s the combination of our rich technology assets and a seasoned team of experts focused uniquely on a clear mission that’s driven our success to date.”

About PeakSpan Capital

PeakSpan Capital is a growth equity firm focused exclusively on growth stage, B2B/enterprise software companies. The firm invests in companies that serve the full spectrum of buyers from small businesses to large enterprises. It is PeakSpan Capital’s ambition to be true domain experts and thought partners in the categories that inspire them. All of its research, network development, and learning are focused on the sectors their entrepreneurs live in. As a result, PeakSpan Capital brings a rich portfolio of assets to the table that are relevant to all of the companies with whom it partners. PeakSpan Capital prides itself on a collaborative approach to working with entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Learn More About PeakSpan Capital.


Kristen Caron, 978-407-9283

Release Summary

PeakSpan Capital has announced it has raised $265 million in an oversubscribed second fund.


Kristen Caron, 978-407-9283