Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center 2019 Top Technology Neutrals Announced

List Includes the 54 Professionals Worldwide who are Steeped in Technology and Tech Business

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--The Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center (SVAMC) has released its highly anticipated 2019 List of the World’s Leading Technology Neutrals (the “Tech List”). SVAMC promotes efficient and effective technology dispute resolution, including the use of arbitration and mediation to resolve business disputes. The Tech List named 54 professionals this year.

Law firms, corporations, and ADR institutions use the Tech List as a reliable roster of exceptionally experienced and talented neutrals who “get” technology and, just as importantly, possess a deep understanding of the tech business world.

The SVAMC Tech List is peer-vetted and includes only the most exceptionally qualified arbitrators and mediators, known for their skill in crafting business-practical legal solutions in the technology sector. Based in key markets in the United States and across the globe, these professionals have collectively handled thousands of successful arbitrations and mediations.

All appointees are members of a recognized U.S. or international arbitral or mediation institution panel and are ranked for superior expertise in resolving technology disputes, including technology development and distribution, intellectual property, corporate, finance, trade regulation, aerospace, and other tech sector commercial matters.

“In just over five years, the SVAMC has well served the global technology sector by promoting business-practical resolution of disputes,” said Les Schiefelbein, CEO of SVAMC. “This success in large part is due to the collective efforts of a thoughtful, enthusiastic, experienced, diverse and dedicated Tech List that values change in technology dispute resolution.” Schiefelbein added that “Our goals for 2019 are to increase Tech List diversity and expand the representation of technology neutrals in Europe and Asia.”

“A critical reason for electing to arbitrate disputes is the ability to choose the panel,” said Laura Kaster, a technology neutral in Princeton, and also co-editor in chief of the New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer. “Parties particularly in technology cases want an arbitrator who will be able to understand the technology issues. The SVAMC Tech List provides a go-to resource for assuring that your arbitrators will have the requisite skills, abilities and dedication. I am proud to have been selected for the 2019 Tech List.”

The technology sector is not only the main driver of U.S. economic growth, but also makes up a significant portion of the global economy. As the need for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) becomes more apparent in an ever-evolving technology-based society, selecting the right neutral becomes a paramount focus. Some of ADR’s advantages over traditional litigation proceedings include efficiency, cost savings, privacy, enforcement of international judgments, and the ability to select the most qualified decision-maker, rather than relying on courts and juries.

The appointees to the 2019 Tech List of leading neutrals are:

David Allgeyer (Minneapolis)

Philip N. Argy (Sydney)

William H. Baker (New York)

Raymond Bender (Washington, DC/ New York)

Gary L. Benton (SF/Silicon Valley)

Alex Blumrosen (Paris)

Thomas J. Brewer (Seattle)

Paul Burns (Scottsdale)

Maria Chedid (SF/Silicon Valley)

Theodore K. Cheng (Princeton Junction)

Deborah Coleman (Cleveland)

Charles (Chris) T. Compton (SF/Silicon Valley)

Thomas Creel (New York)

Robert B. Davidson (New York)

Michael Diamant (Cleveland)

Daniel Ebenstein (New York)

Jonathan Fitch (Boston)

Angela Foster (North Brunswick/ New York)

Stephen P. Gilbert (New York)

George Graff (New York)

James Grossman (SF/Silicon Valley)

Thomas D. Halket (New York)

Duarte Henriques (Lisbon)

David Huebner (Los Angeles)

Sandra Jeskie (Philadelphia/San Diego)

Sherman Kahn (New York)

Laura A. Kaster (Princeton)

Grant L. Kim (SF/Silicon Valley)

Crenguta Leaua (Bucharest/ Paris)

Thomas Legler (Geneva)

Richard Levin (Dallas)

James Madison (SF/Silicon Valley)

Josh Martin (Wilmington)

Paul Eric Mason (Miami/ Rio de Janeiro)

Peter L. Michaelson (New York)

Robert B. Morrill (SF/Silicon Valley)

Susan H. Nycum (SF/Silicon Valley)

Philip D. O’Neill, Jr. (Boston)

Merriann Panarella (Boston)

Gale R. (Pete) Peterson (San Antonio)

Charles R. Ragan (SF/Silicon Valley)

Barbara A. Reeves (Los Angeles)

Harrie Samaras (Philadelphia)

David Sandborg (SF/ Silicon Valley/ Hong Kong)

Lester W. Schiefelbein (SF/Silicon Valley)

Neil Smith (SF/Silicon Valley)

Yaroslav Sochynsky (SF/Silicon Valley)

William A. Tanenbaum (New York)

Roderick M. Thompson (SF/Silicon Valley)

Vicki S. Veenker (SF/Silicon Valley)

Peter Vogel (Dallas)

Conna Weiner (Boston)

Les Weinstein (Los Angeles)

Joseph Zammit (New York)

About Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center

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Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center’s top technology neutral list is a resource for efficient and effective dispute resolution.


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