Quant Manager Alpha Architect Passes Major Cost Savings to Shareholders; Slashes Fees up to 38%

BROOMALL, Pa.--()--Alpha Architect is pleased to announce that it has reduced fees up to 38% on its quantitative factor ETFs, which seek high active-share exposure to value and momentum.

Effective today, Alpha Architect is lowering management fees on the following ETFs:

  • Alpha Architect Quantitative Value ETF (Ticker: QVAL) management fee will be lowered from 0.79% to 0.49%.
  • Alpha Architect Quantitative Momentum ETF (Ticker: QMOM) management fee will be lowered from 0.79% to 0.49%.
  • Alpha Architect International Quantitative Value ETF (Ticker: IVAL) management fee will be lowered from 0.79% to 0.59%.
  • Alpha Architect International Quantitative Momentum ETF (Ticker: IMOM) management fee will be lowered from 0.79% to 0.59%.

The cuts, which range from 25% to 38%, will better position Alpha Architect to achieve their goal of delivering concentrated factor exposures at affordable costs via the tax-efficient ETF wrapper.

Founder Wes Gray, Ph.D. continues: “Our thanks is first and foremost to our clients. They gave us the scale and size to begin this journey and we want to give pass some of our cost savings back to them. In the Marine Corps, our motto is ‘Officers Eat Last.’ We work to serve our clients in the same spirit.”

Alpha Architect’s mission is to empower investors through education. Through our investment strategies, we seek to deliver ‘Affordable Alpha.’ Affordable Alpha requires 1) highly differentiated investment strategies through the use of cutting edge research and 2) affordable costs.

Alpha Architect seeks to capture cost synergies via the following channels:

  • Minimizing distribution costs
  • Minimizing overhead costs
  • Maximizing the use of technology to facilitate best-in-class operations

Dr. Wes Gray, founder of Alpha Architect, highlights why the team is excited about the future: “We are a PhD quant shop operating out of a garage. We are well positioned to provide niche, research-intensive investment products direct to the consumer at affordable costs.”


Alpha Architect is an SEC-registered investment firm that seeks to design affordable, tax-efficient, index strategies for Exchange-Traded Funds and Separately Managed Accounts. Alpha Architect’s strategies are rooted in the science of behavioral finance with a goal of beating behavioral bias. For further information, visit www.alphaarchitect.com/funds.


Investments involve risk. Principal loss is possible. Redemptions are limited and often commissions are charged on each trade. Unlike mutual funds, ETFs may trade at a premium or discount to their net asset value.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not approve or disapprove of any investment. This material has been distributed for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation of any particular security, strategy or investment product. Information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but not guaranteed. No part of this material may be reproduced in any form, or referred to in any other publication, without express written permission.

Value investing is subject to the risk that intrinsic values of investments may not be recognized by the broad market or that their prices may decline. Investments utilizing quantitative methods may perform differently than the market as a result of characteristics and data used and changes in trends. Momentum investing is subject to the risk that past performance does not predict the future performance of investments. Investments in foreign securities involve political, economic and currency risks, greater volatility and differences in accounting methods. The Funds are not actively managed. Maintaining investments regardless of market conditions or the performance of individual investment could cause the fund’s return to be lower than if the fund employed an active strategy. The performance of the Fund and its Index may differ due to tracking error.

Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses is the same as the management fee for each fund according to the prospectus dates 01/31/2019.

The Fund is distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC. Fund's investment advisor is Empowered Funds, LLC which is doing business as Alpha Architect.

Alpha is the excess return of an investment relative to the return of a benchmark index.

The fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses must be considered carefully before investing. The statutory and summary prospectus contains this and other important information about the investment company, and it may be obtained by calling 215-882-9983 or visiting www.alphaarchitect.com/funds. Read it carefully before investing.


Kyle Baxter


Kyle Baxter