CoinNess Officially Launched CNNS Token in the New App Version

SINGAPORE--()--CoinNess has launched its platform token in the latest App version on Jan. 28, becoming the first international blockchain information platform with an integral token system. The integral CNNS token closely works with CoinNess users in every respect, from powerful news publishing, crypto market trend to investment advising. This new function unfolds full integration, including automatic updating of the market changes for users to make a better investment decision. CNNS also possesses a high market value.

The issue of CNNS announced a milestone of CoinNess App as users become a real-community-participants in the ecosystem that share the fruitful outcome and earnings. Users receive CNNS from airdrop and could earn more CNNS via reading news and completing interactions to reach more value-added services, such as investment advising and quantify investment strategies. CoinNess will launch more CNNS airdrops as the mean of asset exchanges. An appropriate exchange equalization will be available for CNNS when it's been launched to an exchange.

In the latest CoinNess App version, the developing team has fully upgraded the functions relate to quantifying investment and market warning. CoinNess quantitative analyzing team have academic and professional backgrounds at Carnegie Mellon University, technology, and financial companies in Silicon Valley. Utilizing the big data in crypto and traditional secondary market, CoinNess quantifying team has stabilized more than 10% monthly returns on internal investment test for the past few months. CoinNess App customizes a quantifying investment compass/strategy for each type of crypto according to its market spot price. This compass is the core function of that can guide your trading under various market circumstances.

CoinNess market monitor and alert push function create critical trading opportunities for high-frequency-traders to capture every price fluctuation and market information. The automatic market monitoring system aggregates, extracts and pushes critical trading information from over 300 exchanges to your screen. You can receive the streaming price alert, capital flows, unusual exchange operations from exchanges, 24-hour market trend, and crypto news through only one App - CoinNess.

CoinNess is the world's first blockchain information platform that launches platform token. The platform token will attribute values to crypto wallets, trading, and management in contents and assets. CoinNess team is committed to building the world's best crypto investment tool and will keep iterating and refining the services for crypto investors.

Mindy Sun