Announcing Autovol, a First-of-Its-Kind Automated Volumetric Modular Factory to Be Led by Prefab Logic Co-Founder Rick Murdock

Boise-based volumetric modular factory innovators set January 2020 estimated completion date for 400,000 square-foot automated factory in Nampa, Idaho.

BOISE, Idaho--()--Prefab Logic, in conjunction with Autovol™ ownership, is leading the development of a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind factory that will set an entirely new benchmark for automated volumetric modular construction. The factory will be based in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, and will operate under the name Autovol. The Autovol factory will establish best-in-class standards for a new category of smart construction.

The Autovol factory will be located on a 52-acre site on Star Road in Nampa, Idaho. Prefab Logic is designing the factory in partnership with a leading factory robotics development company soon to be announced. The Autovol model will further solve the affordable housing crisis by providing a dedicated, high-capacity factory for multi-unit modular projects.

For Prefab Logic co-founders Curtis Fletcher and Rick Murdock, the Autovol factory is the next big step in their growing investment in the modular industry.

“Autovol will greatly accelerate the big and positive impact on cost and productivity that current volumetric modular construction already delivers to our projects,” Fletcher said. “This factory will create new breakthroughs in construction speed, capacity, efficiency, and excellence.”

Murdock will lead Autovol as its CEO. Effective January 1, 2019, Murdock’s roles and responsibilities at Prefab Logic will be assumed by new Vice President of Operations, Doug Pill. Already a leader in volumetric modular innovation, Prefab Logic helps factory owners and developers design, develop, and run volumetric modular construction factories, with several other major factory projects completed and in the works. Once Autovol is developed, Prefab Logic will foster a network of affiliate factories and share key automated construction technology and learnings gained.

“Autovol will open up with automation far beyond what’s being done in any modular factory today. It’s Construction 3.0,” Murdock said. “Prefab Logic experts have worked-in, designed, operated, and studied today’s best-in-class modular factories worldwide. We’ve enjoyed our role as modular pioneers, and we’re thrilled with what this next pioneering phase will do for communities that need affordable housing as well as developers and factory owners ready to change the game.”

Construction preparations at the Autovol site began in October, 2018. The factory is set to be operational in early 2020.

Prefab Logic is a leader in volumetric modular consulting based in Boise, Idaho. Prefab Logic provides independent design, manufacturing, and factory startup services built on decades of successful real-world experience with all phases of volumetric modular construction. More information at

Autovol™ is the name and operating entity of the innovative automated volumetric modular construction factory currently in development in Nampa, Idaho. Autovol is being designed and developed by Prefab Logic, a leading volumetric modular construction consultancy based in Boise, Idaho.

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Rick Murdock, CEO, Autovol 208-901-6568,
Curtis Fletcher, CEO, Prefab Logic 800-756-3074

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Announcing Autovol, a First-of-Its-Kind Automated Volumetric Modular Factory.


Rick Murdock, CEO, Autovol 208-901-6568,
Curtis Fletcher, CEO, Prefab Logic 800-756-3074