Cappasity to Provide European Jeweler Guérin Joaillerie with 3D Product Imaging Solution

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Cappasity, the leader in scalable 3D and AR/VR imaging for online retailers, today announced that Guérin Joaillerie, the premium jewelry brand in Europe, will deploy its 3D imaging solution on Delicate objects such as gem-encrusted rings can be difficult for traditional 3D modeling and scanning technologies to properly capture. Cappasity’s 3D product imaging technology is able to capture features that make jewelry difficult for other solutions to portray including the sparkle of gems and glitter of metal, transparency, reflections of light, and unusual design.

Cappasity provides Guérin Joaillerie clients with the ultimate online shopping experience. Customers can see a 3D view of any piece of jewelry, zoom in and out, rotate the piece, and even view it in motion. As a member of Galeries Lafayette Group, the leading physical and online retailer with international standing and the benchmark in omnichannel retailing committed to an approach that emphasizes innovation, boldness, and creativity, one of Guérin Joaillerie’s goals is to provide its clients with the ultimate online shopping experience.

Cappasity is revolutionizing the development and delivery of 3D content for e-commerce. With more than one million views of 3D content per month, the company’s proprietary 3D streaming format allows consumers to load and browse products with a 360-degree view, four times faster than other similar technologies. Using other more expensive technologies and equipment, it can take days to produce 3D product images and the files created are too large to play smoothly on most internet connections.

With Cappasity’s unique combination of production software and services, retailers can rapidly create and upload thousands of 3D product images per day, create a 3D image in just two minutes, and run the solution using regular photo equipment. In addition, the same Cappasity-produced content embedded into a fashion e-commerce website can be used with AR/VR devices.

“Discovery and innovation are part of Guérin Joaillerie’s DNA. We are excited to use the Cappasity solution to showcase our rings category in the most engaging of ways. With the launching of Atelier Guérin, we wanted to find a solution that will best express the different shades of colors of each gem to provide the best customer experience possible,” says Siham Nekrouf, Head of Digital, at Guérin Joaillerie. “Jewelry e-commerce demands unique, engaging content and interactivity. The introduction of Cappasity 3D product imaging is an exciting evolution within our digital marketing strategy.”

Residing in the historic Le Marais district in the heart of Paris, Guérin Joaillerie specializes in chic and vibrant jewelry, created with the skill that has withstood the test of time. In its stores, Guérin Joaillerie offers constantly renewed collections that strike the perfect balance between trendy and timeless, precious and affordable, with a quality of service worthy of the greatest jewelers. Meticulously selected by the Maison’s gemologists, the stones are sourced from all over the world, and are outstanding in their natural beauty. At Guérin Joaillerie, each stone is unique, exhibiting its own characteristics of shape and hue. Whether they are precious or semi-precious, the stones’ unrivaled tints and tones reflect the extraordinary story borne by each.

“In our market research, more than 82 percent of visitors to a product page activate our 3D view, and 95 percent of visitors prefer an interactive 3D representation to video playback,” said Kosta Popov, CEO at Cappasity. “Given these results, it’s not surprising that 3D product imaging enables enterprises to increase conversion by up to 40 percent.”

About Guérin Joaillerie

Guérin is a premium jewelry brand and a subsidiary of the Galeries Lafayette Group. Since 1969, the company has worked hard to open the exclusive, privileged world of jewelry to everyone. Its collections seek to strike a balance between trendy and timeless, priceless yet affordable, as can be seen in its iconic Diamants de Rosée and Alisma lines. Guérin believes in jewelry that is chic, vibrant and at the cutting-edge of fashion.

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About Cappasity

Founded in 2013, Cappasity is an easy, scalable platform for creating, embedding, and analyzing 3D and AR/VR content. The company successfully raised over $4.9M and launched its platform and 3D digitizing software in 2017. Cappasity brings an in-store browsing experience to online retail through interactive and photorealistic 3D images that can be easily embedded into websites, mobile apps, and AR/VR applications. The company’s clients report a more than 30 percent increase in conversion rate and fewer returns. With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Cappasity is now also working with luxury brands at Station F in Paris. For more information, please visit


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MSL for Cappasity
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