IngeniousIO Announces Architect and Engineering Module, First Full Lifecycle Project Solution for A&E Industry

  • Replace legacy A&E applications
  • New iPad and iPhone app enables collaboration from field or office
  • The first integrated CRM package built specifically for architects and engineers

CHICAGO--()--IngeniousIO, a market innovator bridging the gaps in the multi-trillion dollar Architect, Engineering, Construction and Owner (AECO) industry, today announced IngeniousIO Architect and Engineering, a full life cycle application that delivers interoperability between vendor systems, remote app capabilities and seamless, cost-effective collaborative solutions for the disjointed AECO sector.

“We’ve created the first full life cycle application that allows for an integrated flow of data across every aspect of the business — from RFP to proposal, project budgeting, resource planning, time sheets, project management and even invoicing,” said Nick Carter, founder and CEO of IngeniousIO. “In order to remain strong and competitive, the AECO industry has recognized the need to modernize processes; as well as consolidate the number of different software applications used to complete a project. IngeniousIO enables all industry stakeholders to benefit from the coming move toward digitization.”

According to a 2015 McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, the AECO industry possesses one of the lowest levels of digital adoption among all industries, contributing to a huge information management gap. With architects, engineers, owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, the industry manages more critical data on a day-to-day basis than nearly any other industry. Due to separate and incompatible systems that only manage documents, the underlying data is not always accurately, easily shared, or quantified creating confusion, frustration and ultimately excessive costs.

IngeniousIO’s cloud-based, AI-driven Architect and Engineering module is tailored specifically for firms that are looking for a cost-effective way to deliver quality designs and projects for their clients. It transcends document chaos and produces intelligent insights based on project data to modernize the industry including:

  • Replaces existing legacy applications to reduce training, support, maintenance, tech spend and confusion
  • Improves efficiencies through automated approval workflows and notifications for RFIs, submittals, add service requests, change orders and resource planning
  • Expedites issue resolution across participants
  • Reduces rework, change orders, RFIs and on-site installation issues
  • The ability for field and office personal to collaborate via an IngeniousIO iPad / iPhone application which includes the ability to markup, annotate, and share blueprints from anywhere
  • Easy, no-cost solution, for third-party project participants to collaborate via IOLinks, IngeniousIO’s proprietary third-party communication tool
  • Mitigates the number of costly errors by allowing all parties to operate off the same information

IngeniousIO eliminates the confusion created by having multiple ‘versions of the truth’ spread across multiple parties working from different versions of documents. Information throughout the project life cycle is available to everyone in real-time. Now all components work together seamlessly, allowing internal and external participants to collaborate using a shared data structure. As a result of this intelligent data information management, fewer redesigns and reworks are required and the risk of litigation generated through poor information management is greatly reduced.

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About IngeniousIO

IngeniousIO is rebuilding the AECO industry by connecting disparate services into a unified, AI-driven platform. By transforming documents into data intelligence, IngeniousIO gives owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, and other professionals real-time visibility into every facet of their project. Vendor-agnostic and API driven, IngeniousIO is poised to unlock the billions of dollars trapped in construction inefficiencies. For more, please visit


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