MasterPeace LaunchPad to Showcase Cutting-Edge Technology Companies at Demo Day

Stealth Company, Working with NIST’s NCCOE to Develop First Open Source Manufacturer Usage Description Manager, to be Announced

COLUMBIA, Md.--()--MasterPeace LaunchPad, a technology accelerator that functions inside MasterPeace Solutions Ltd.’s government services business, is designed to bring imaginative and creative ideas to reality, in the form of commercial startup companies. Today, the accelerator announced that their third annual Demo Day will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 5 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. The event highlights the opportunity for Maryland to leverage its Cyber and Technology talent pool to create new product companies, which will ultimately support the state in diversifying its economic base and create career opportunities for engineers who have previously focused on the Government Contracting sector. A distinguished group of industry influencers will attend the event to celebrate the growth of each MasterPeace LaunchPad company, its founders, and their contributions to the cyber ecosystem.

“The local technology talent pool is one of the greatest resources in our region, and frankly a Cyber Center of excellence world-wide; however, most of that talent is focused on Government Services,” said Drew Cohen, CEO and President of MasterPeace Solutions. “MasterPeace LaunchPad was specifically created to provide more opportunities for that talent. When our engineers choose to pursue their goal of building a new commercial technology business, LaunchPad provides the necessary support to promote company-creation. Through this program, engineers pool their skills and strengths to bring ideas to life.”

MasterPeace LaunchPad is helping create the Silicon Valley East ecosystem by providing their engineers with the time and space to build out their businesses and eliminating the need for initial funding. Demo Day will celebrate the engineers’ achievements and offer them the chance to stand in front of an engaged audience to deliver a glimpse into tomorrow’s technology leaders and solutions. The demonstrations will expose how the local talent is being leveraged and utilized for the continued growth of progressive cybersecurity product businesses in the area.

The following companies will demonstrate their cutting-edge technology during the event. Notably, a company operating in stealth, and engaged in a NIST-led consortium to develop the first open source Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) manager, will be unveiled for the first time:

Zuul, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) secure device management platform that bridges the gap between operations concerns and IT security to make deploying and maintaining IoT devices easier and more secure.

FactChain, The Trusted Transaction Company™, makes every transaction trusted by ensuring the identities of the parties, the validity of signatures, and the integrity of the transaction. This lowers the cost of doing business by providing transaction integrity and transparency for documents, records, and other digital content through a public Blockchain Ledger.

[Stealth Company], a comprehensive network security solution that brings enterprise class security to home and small business networks. The company uses micro-segmentation, threat signaling, and innovative device identification technologies to block malicious network activity from the external internet and isolate compromise within the network.

Uplift, a provider of migration, deployment, and management tools that enable legacy systems to migrate to modern Serverless technologies and realize operational and maintenance cost savings. Uplift accomplishes this without impacting current operations and maintenance processes. Uplift also offers tools for optimizing specific segments of a legacy system, providing automated refactoring to microservice architectures.

Cohen, along with notable attendees such as Maryland Lt. Governor, Boyd Rutherford, Ron Gula of Gula Tech Adventures, and Head of Business Development at Maryland Venture Fund, Brian Corbett, will discuss how innovation is critical to bringing new companies and jobs into Howard County. To fulfill the region’s much-talked-about potential, Cohen, along with these leaders, see a big opportunity in encouraging these talented workers and engineers to create new companies that are building tomorrow’s software products. To receive an invitation to this year’s event, please contact us.

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MasterPeace LaunchPad is helping create the Silicon Valley East ecosystem by providing engineers with time and space to build their businesses.


Kate Shapiro, 410-698-5211
LaunchTech Communications