Invisible Launches to Help People Get More Work Done

The Company Merges an Artificially Intelligent Bot with Real Human Workers So People Can Affordably Outsource Their Work and Be More Productive

NEW YORK--()--Invisible, the company introducing a new way for people to get work done, has launched. The company has $2.6M in seed funding with participation from Backed Ventures, Loup Ventures, Alpha Venture Partners, and Day One Ventures. Notable angel investment participation includes Mark Pincus, Siraj Khaliq, Howard Morgan, Charlie Songhurst, and Lee Linden.

People are losing time and productivity by working on repetitive tasks that are better suited for outsourcing. Instead, they should be focusing on the knowledge-based work that only they can do. Invisible has built an artificially intelligent bot that users can email, call, or text to have their work outsourced to real humans, and each task is managed to completion by the bot. Once the work is finished, the bot, whom the user gets to name, sends the final project back to the user. With Invisible, people don’t need to hire, train, manage, or even interact with the human workers who complete the work and are known as Agents. That way, they can outsource their important, yet repetitive work and focus on the things that only they can deliver on.

When Derek Flanzraich, the CEO and Founder of Greatist spoke about Invisible and his bot, Arthur Ambrose, he said that “the most valuable thing I have is my time and Invisible exponentially improves my time. Arthur [his bot] allows me to spend my time in the right way and in more valuable places.” Derek added: “I found Invisible to be the most seamless onboarding, execution, implementation of an assistant online that I've ever worked with.”

By building a new platform that converges artificial intelligence with human intelligence, Invisible is introducing a new model for outsourcing and pioneering the Digital Assembly Line. Invisible’s Agents who power the Digital Assembly Line are thoroughly vetted as a full-time employee would be, and Invisible screens and tests their work quality with a high level of scrutiny before offering them a job.

“I wanted to hire the best assistant in the world because there’s just so much to do, and so little time. But then I realized that even if I did, I would delegate so much work that my assistant would need an assistant, and so on,” said Francis Pedraza, CEO and co-founder of Invisible. “I needed an infinite delegation resource. But who can afford an army of assistants? That’s when I had the idea: a single bot that can do everything, coordinating humans around the world doing the work.”

Invisible allows people to not only outsource their important work but also tasks that someone might not have bothered doing on their own because it was too time-consuming or required training someone.

Invisible starts at $10/hour to complete nearly any process, such as:

  • Bringing an inbox to zero
  • Populating and managing a hiring or fundraising funnel
  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Compiling a monthly expense report
  • Scraping LinkedIn and other websites
  • More information, examples, and videos on Invisible’s processes can be found here

More comprehensive processes such as tracking trademark usage, checking GDPR compliance, and managing monthly bookkeeping, are capped at $40/hour. Invisible’s Agents are trained to complete more than 1,000 processes and counting.

Scott Smith, Chief Revenue Officer for CloudApp, and a user of Invisible said this about what his bot, Andy has done for him: “Over time, I feel that people want to become more sophisticated workers - that they hope to engage their brain more. Andy [his bot] allows me to really engage my brain and do interesting projects and tasks rather than being kind of stuck in this state of drudgery.”

About Invisible

Invisible is introducing a new way to get work done. The company brings an artificially intelligent bot together with a real human workforce enabling people to automate and outsource nearly any task. With Invisible, users outsource their work to real humans, known as Agents, by emailing, texting, or calling their AI bot who delegates and manages the tasks to completion. Users never have to hire, train, or manage anyone. The Agents, who are thoroughly vetted and individually-trained, can complete more than 1,000 processes and counting on Invisible’s Digital Assembly Line. Join Invisible in pioneering a revolution in productivity, giving people time to add back to their day. For more information, please visit


Day One Ventures
CJ Huntzinger


Day One Ventures
CJ Huntzinger