Cloud Academy Launches Cloud Roster and Cloud Catalog, Data-Driven Resources to Benchmark Cloud Job Roles & Technical Skill Demand

Resources made public to guide and accelerate enterprise transformation, leveraging aggregated & trended market data

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Cloud Academy, the leading digital skills development platform for enterprises, today announced the launch of industry benchmarking tools designed to help organizations define the critical job roles and technical skills needed for cloud adoption and ongoing competitiveness.

Starting today, the general public is now able to access the following resources on the Cloud Academy website:

  • Cloud Roster, the job roles matrix that defines the core roles necessary for organizations to establish and maintain a competitive edge in technical innovation. Cloud Roster analyzes tens of thousands of public job postings weekly to trend the top technology skills in demand for each role over time, as well as the demand for each role itself. The resource leverages interviews with industry experts and documents the key traits, responsibilities, non-technical skills, and related industry certifications for each position.
  • Cloud Catalog, a global technology index that tracks the popularity of cloud technologies, frameworks, and vendor platforms. Based on data gathered over time from several well-known developer community platforms, Cloud Catalog offers a stack ranking of technologies by relative popularity and geography.

The launch of the job-role specific resources complements the company’s feature set that’s focused on learning accountability, data-driven skills measurement, and role-specific customization of its fast-growing library of cloud training curriculum. Research firm IDC expects cloud investment to grow at a 22% compound growth rate through 2021 and companies are under increasing pressure to show returns on their investment in public cloud initiatives. With newly added starter Training Plans and Skill Assessments specific to each job role, Cloud Academy leadership is confident that the company is sitting at the crossroads of modern technological innovation.

“Cloud Roster and Cloud Catalog empower our broader community to visualize the impressive changes brought about by increased multi-cloud adoption, the evolution of technical job roles, and the dynamic nature of skill demand,” said Stefano Bellasio, CEO, Cloud Academy. “Building these tools by leveraging proven data techniques allows us to continue to serve forward-thinking enterprises in their efforts to achieve digital transformation.”

Cloud Roster and Cloud Catalog are available today at

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