Remitly Implements Signal Sciences to Protect Sensitive Mobile Customer Data and Ensure PCI Compliance

Largest Independent Digital Remittance Company in the U.S. Gains Insight to Prevent Malicious Attacks

CULVER CITY, Calif.--()--Signal Sciences, the most trusted brand in web defense with patented next-gen WAF and RASP technology, today announced that Remitly is using Signal Sciences to protect sensitive customer transactions through its mobile application while ensuring compliance with PCI requirements.

As the largest independent digital remittance company headquartered in the United States, Remitly transfers over $5 billion in annualized volume from its customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia to loved ones throughout the world.

Remitly needed a solution to protect its proprietary global transfer network with a web application firewall (WAF) solution that would provide protection against new and emerging attack types with no impact to performance. Remitly also needed a way to protect both its public facing endpoints and applications for its customers as well as private, internal endpoints and couldn’t be limited by architectural designs that required chokepoints in networks.

Signal Sciences was the best solution because it allowed Remitly to get running in production and easily tie into their proxy layers to cover both externally facing applications and internal web applications for employees.

Other solutions Remitly evaluated required hiring extra headcount and man-hours to manage. Instead, Signal Sciences provided immediate value out of the box with its default detections with no tuning. To add coverage for advanced threats, Remitly used Power Rules to quickly and easily add in instrumentation and defense for unique application and API use cases.

Signal Sciences enables Remitly to determine if irregular traffic patterns are due to an attack or the result of truly valid traffic in real time. This is especially important because allowing the traffic could mean the risk that the transactions are malicious, requiring Remitly to reimburse the cost of fraudulent transfers.

Unlike traditional WAF solutions, which would have no way of distinguishing this traffic, leaving customers frustrated if they chose to blacklist the IP, Signal Sciences provides visibility and insight about the traffic, enabling Remitly to quickly determine the traffic was legitimate.

“Other products would block this traffic--throwing out the good with the bad--or let everything through and therefore subject us to potentially damaging attack traffic. We’ve noticed that because of the way Signal Sciences responds in a thresholding way, we have far fewer instances of throwing out the good with the bad than we used to,” said Kevin Hanaford, Senior Manager, Security & IT at Remitly.

“Protecting customer information to ensure its safety and security is our number one priority. Signal Sciences checked a bunch of boxes for us to achieve this, but we were impressed particularly with their ability to enforce flexible requirements for our business as opposed to old school regex-based enforcement,” added Hanaford.

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