Neustar Joins Streaming Video Alliance as Principal Member

Streaming Video Alliance names Neustar a co-chair of the Geo Working Group to help define geo-location decisioning data best practices for content delivery

STERLING, Va.--()--Neustar®, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today announced it has joined the Streaming Video Alliance as a principal member and co-chair of the Geo Working Group. The Streaming Video Alliance is a leading industry association dedicated to helping solve the critical challenges facing online video in order to provide a better viewer experience at scale. As part of this partnership, Neustar will also participate on the Open Caching and Measurement/QoE working groups.

According to the Pew Research Center, 61 percent of young adults say the primary way they watch television now is with streaming services on the internet. Neustar’s comprehensive security portfolio includes IP GeoPoint decisioning data, SiteProtect NG DDoS mitigation, and authorative and recursive DNS solutions to ensure organizations are well positioned to deliver uninterrupted content. These solutions enable customers, including leaders in the OTT/streaming media industry, such as MLBAM, to provide a seamless and secure online streaming experience.

“Video streaming is rapidly increasing world-wide. For many brands, while this mass growth in consumption provides exciting opportunities to connect with more consumers, many face challenges with delivering positive and secure user experience, at scale,” said Shailesh Shukla, General Manager, Digital Defense and Performance Solutions, Neustar. “We are looking forward to working alongside the Streaming Video Alliance to define geo-location data best practices for content delivery as demand and consumption continues to grow. As a principal member and co-chair of the Geo Working Group we are committed to creating solutions that will have a positive impact in the market.”

“The Streaming Video Alliance is pleased to announce Neustar as a new principal member and co-chair of the Geo Working Group. Together with the other Geo Working Group members, we hope to tackle such challenges as identifying specifications for local market ad insertion, identifying geographical streaming permissions and restrictions, defining content-provider regional licensing models, and improving IPv6 geo-location,” said Jason Thibeault, Executive Director, Streaming Video Alliance.

Even the most advanced content delivery platform that is designed to deliver IPTV, OTT, VOD and LTE broadcast media is only as good at the IP geolocation decisioning data at its foundation. Neustar IP GeoPoint provides high-quality decisioning data to help ensure customers have access to their content and that their experience is as frictionless as possible. IP GeoPoint data enables customers to restrict access to premium content, including channel lineups, live streaming events and video on-demand. Access can be restricted by Designated Market Area (DMA) or Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), or by city, state or country even down to the postal code.

Members of the alliance include companies and individuals from across the streaming video ecosystem such as network operators, technology providers, service providers, and content owners. Some of the Alliance’s current members include: Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Charter Communications, Cisco Systems, Comcast, Disney Streaming Services, Dolby, Ericsson, FOX Networks, Google, IBM, Intel, Limelight Networks, NBCUniversal, Nokia, Verizon, and Viacom. A complete list of the Alliance’s members can be found on their website.

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About the Streaming Video Alliance

Founded in 2014, the Streaming Video Alliance’s charter is to encourage deeper collaboration across the entire online video ecosystem, which will include the development of standards and best practices for an open architecture that will operate across the entire online video value chain. The Alliance is currently focused on identifying issues and solutions related to open architecture, quality of experience, and interoperability. For more information, please visit


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