Carnegie Learning to Deliver Choosito! Through Its EMC School Passport Platform

Choosito!’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing help teachers to curate OER and other Web-based libraries and build custom lessons, while empowering students to do targeted Web searches by reading level

ST. PAUL, Minn.--()--Carnegie Learning, a comprehensive, dynamic, and progressive learning technology company, today announced that its EMC School division has signed an agreement with Choosito!, a curator of open Web content for learning and a National Science Foundation (NSF) Business Innovation Award winner. The agreement ensures that EMC School’s Passport will be the only comprehensive learning technology platform on the market offering this next-generation Web search and indexing.

Choosito! leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing in a unique way to help both teachers and students. Through a combination of 350,000+ pre-curated sites in its Choosito! Library and its powerful Choosito! Web search, teachers can collect OER and other resources to build lessons and personalize instruction, easily and efficiently.

In addition, students can work on their own, searching for content that is both appropriate and at their reading level. For example, some tools simply filter out inappropriate content, but still present students with an overwhelming collection of resources, often well beyond their reading level. Choosito!, on the other hand, presents students with both curated content libraries and other Web sources specific to their reading level and content interests.

“Delivering Choosito! through the Passport platform is a game-changer across the board,” declared Troy Weets, VP of Digital Solutions and Product Management at Carnegie Learning’s EMC School division. “For starters, it improves efficiency by saving teachers and students time and minimizing frustrating content searches. It also helps teachers personalize learning and build digital literacy skills. And for Carnegie Learning, as a company at the forefront of adaptive, AI- powered learning technology, becoming the only comprehensive platform provider of Choosito! is a natural fit.”

Choosito! is unlike any other search engine solution available today. It is the only engine that:

  • Uses artificial intelligence to filter by reading level and subject area
  • Offers a teacher-approved library of 350,000+ resources (and growing)
  • Helps students become better, more efficient researchers by providing built-in resource evaluation and citation-generation tools
  • Makes it easy for teachers to make and share their own mini-libraries (Choosito! Collections)

As a core feature on Passport, Choosito! Library will be a default offering, with Choosito! Web available via a dropdown. Additional curated content libraries will also be developed specifically to support Passport content, 10 for each grade from grades 6-12. Teachers will then be able to build custom lessons through the actionable tool builder functionality and provide ongoing feedback directly to students.

“This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for Choosito! for a few reasons,” said Choosito! Founder and CEO Eleni Miltsakaki. “As a core feature on the popular Passport platform, Choosito! will now be available to a much wider community of teachers and students. Plus, with an expanding network of users, Choosito!’s machine learning algorithms can really take flight, learning and evolving to provide even better results with every click.”

Weets echoed Miltsakaki’s sentiment: “As a content-driven organization, learning about what content has real-world value for our customers is invaluable. This helps us to improve and create products that deliver what teachers and students need most in the classroom. This insight could also help us expand Choosito!’s impact into our other content areas, including math and computer science, which is very exciting.”

Beta releases will begin this Fall, with a full release slated for Summer, 2019.


Carnegie Learning is a comprehensive, dynamic and progressive learning technology company. Advocating a belief in teaching and determination to help students develop as learners and thinkers, Carnegie Learning is seeking to re-define the role of technology across the K-16 landscape. Its mathematics and STEM division delivers research-proven mathematics curriculum and the MATHia® platform for grades 6-12, developmental math support for 2- and 4-year colleges, project-based digital solutions for STEM, and best-in-class K-12 professional learning services. Its EMC School division offers blended learning solutions for world languages, literature, language arts, and computer science, while its Paradigm Education Solutions and JIST Career Solutions divisions deliver print and digital resources for career development, including computer technology, health careers, accounting and business technology. For more information please visit:,,, and


EMC School, a division of Carnegie Learning, is a recognized leader in language learning solutions. Founded in 1954, EMC offers core instructional solutions and materials, supplements, and assessments for the K-12 market, delivering blended learning for world languages, literature and language arts, and computer science. Its innovative digital learning environment, Passport, was launched in 2014 and has achieved significant market adoptions due to its engaging student interface and easy-to- use teacher tools. For more information please visit:


Choosito! innovates in education by offering a technology solution to the problem of finding resources that are right for your students. Its technologically-advanced text analysis engine is the result of a multi-year research effort led by Dr. Eleni Miltsakaki, a linguist, scientist, and passionate educator. Choosito! is the proud recipient of NSF's Business Innovation Award for educational applications. Find Choosito! at


Carnegie Learning
John Jorgenson, CMO

Release Summary

Carnegie Learning has signed an agreement with Choosito!, an award-winning curator of open Web content for learning.



Carnegie Learning
John Jorgenson, CMO