Decibel Adds New Feature to Empower Brands to Take Action against Poor Digital Customer Experiences

Experience Issues broadens the benefits of the company’s innovative Digital Experience Score (DXS®) by recommending the highest-impact changes to deploy

LONDON & BOSTON--()--Decibel, the leading global digital experience intelligence platform, today announced the availability of its newest product feature, Experience Issues. It builds on the power of Decibel’s proprietary Digital Experience Score (DXS®)—the innovative scoring system that accurately and objectively measures customer experience in a single, comprehensive metric—by providing actionable recommendations on what changes to make to have the greatest positive impact on the digital experience of each individual customer.

Most brands remain heavily reliant on traditional analytics that were not designed to track digital customer experience. However, with research showing that worldwide e-tail revenues will surpass $4.8 trillion by 2021, digital marketers can no longer rely solely on analytics such as scroll time, customer satisfaction surveys, heatmaps and click volume. To create more meaningful, informed customer experiences and avoid customer churn, they need to understand the reasoning behind these actions, empathize with their customers’ negative experiences and quickly resolve issues—all at scale.

First introduced in March 2018, Decibel’s DXS empowers digital teams by looking at key aspects of visitor interactions, including engagement, navigation, forms, technical performance and frustration, and rolling them into a singular score that businesses can use to measure the impact of digital experience. Unlike many traditional metrics, it is not dependent on customer feedback, but instead is calculated for every visitor and every session, flagging individual issues in real time. The addition of Experience Issues extends the power of the DXS by enabling digital teams to easily understand which specific problems are causing poor experiences and prioritize changes based on the impact they’re having on the experience. Experience Issues is fully integrated with Decibel’s award-winning diagnostic tools—such as session replays and heatmaps—so brands can act quickly.

TUI Group, the world’s leading tourism group operating in approximately 180 destinations worldwide, is one brand that has applied DXS to ensure a seamless, optimized booking experience for its more than 20 million customers.

“With millions of travelers relying on our digital properties to help get them to their holiday destinations, we are always looking to identify areas of improvement in our customer experience,” said Mark Johnson, general manager of digital analytics at TUI. “Our DXS is becoming a critical business metric for understanding the health of our digital customer experience. The addition of Experience Issues makes the score that much more beneficial by pinpointing where those experiences need improvement and providing a prioritized action plan to ensure the experience is always optimized to be the best possible for each and every traveler.”

“Knowing problems exist in the digital customer experience represents only the tip of the iceberg,” said Ben Harris, CEO of Decibel. “The bigger challenges for brands often lie under the surface, understanding why customers face those issues, where they arise and which to address first before revenue and customer loyalty is put at risk. DXS has seen tremendous traction in the market already for its ability to measure the impact of digital experience and we are confident that it will become even more powerful as digital teams can take fast action with the guidance of Experience Issues.”

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Release Summary

Decibel announced its newest product feature, Experience Issues, empowering brands to take action against poor digital customer experiences.


On behalf of Decibel
Allison Webster, 617-426-2222