Consumer-Driven Attention Marketplace Dabbl on Track to Exceed 35 Million Brand Engagements in Less Than a Year, Proving Direct Consumer Relationships Are Scalable for Brands

Johnson & Johnson and Avocados From Mexico among early adopters of permission-based attention marketplace

TAMPA, Fla.--()--Dabbl, a trustworthy attention marketplace for consumers and brands, showed considerable growth through the first half of 2018, with rapid user growth, early adoption among many top brands, platform enhancements and ad tech certifications.

Dabbl launched in November 2017 introducing consumers to the marketing ecosystem as equal and respected partners. Brands create unique, interactive experiences on Dabbl that consumers choose to experience when it’s convenient for them and feel good knowing the brands they engage with value their time tangibly and transparently by paying them for it. The company’s momentum reflects the growing requirement for advertisers to shift focus from interruptive to permission-based tactics.

“By shifting the focus away from an interruptive ad model that annoys consumers, Dabbl’s permission-based platform allows consumers and the brands they care about to meet on common ground,” said Susan O’Neal, founder and CEO of Dabbl. “By every measure, whether it’s recall, brand affinity or purchase intent, the value of a completed Dabbl experience proves legitimate demand for engagements where both consumers and brands can benefit as equal players. Reconfiguring the consumer/brand relationship to one based on mutual respect works in marketing as well as it works in our real-life relationships. In the case of Dabbl, the value consumers receive for their time and attention goes beyond free media and technology.”

Consumer Demand Points to Brand Opportunity

Dabbl users completed 500,000 advertiser engagements in the first 30 days after launch. A year later, Dabblrs (the platform’s users), are completing more than three million engagements per month. Even with this rapid growth, Dabblrs are seeking more interactions with brands.

“Dabblrs tell us they want anywhere from forty to eighty ads per week,” according to Matt Lee, vice president of product at Dabbl. “This is a huge opportunity for brands who will thrive on first-party data and relationships, especially in light of GDPR and the future of consumer privacy and partnership.”

Brand Adoption Delivers Early Returns

More than fifty percent of early brand adopters have renewed their engagements with Dabbl within a few months of their first experience. Average time spent with a brand experience is 35 seconds and involves the active, full screen engagement of a consumer, thereby ensuring the premium viewability and brand safety that drives outstanding results.

“Avocados From Mexico has used Dabbl for three campaigns over the past year to support our retail partners,” said Anna Kirsch, Northeast Region Director at Avocados From Mexico. “Each campaign showed continuous information and digital impression growth. Dabbl is a great choice for brands that want to connect with their consumers in a meaningful way. We look forward to our continued partnership with Dabbl.”

Results from Johnson & Johnson’s Neutrogena Dabbl campaign showed 86% positive purchase intent among users who completed Johnson & Johnson’s Dabbl experience.

Key Enhancements

Since launch, Dabbl has continued to make platform enhancements, including referral programs, direct linking, and portfolio of geographic, demographic and lifestyle targeting capabilities both within and beyond the platform. In addition, the platform has incorporated the majority of the ad industry’s validation partner certifications for viewability including the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), Double Verify and Moat. As a working member of the iab Tech Lab, Dabbl is contributing to the standardization of true viewability measurement across the digital advertising ecosystem.

About Dabbl

Dabbl makes it easy for everyday people to actively participate in the $600 billion market for their attention. Through Dabbl-powered digital properties, real consumers enjoy meaningful interactive experiences with brands who value their time and engagement. Dabbl’s self-service business applications empower marketers to invest in direct, transparent and authentic consumer relationships. Dabbl is backed by Almaz Capital, which leads the company’s Series A. For more information visit


Forrest Cronin, 212-805-8049


Forrest Cronin, 212-805-8049