McKissock Learning Launches New Banking Suite of Innovative Online Education For Banking And Lending Professionals

Experts In Valuation Education Aim To Assist Lenders In Understanding Best Practices for an Appraisal Review Operation

ST. LOUIS--()--McKissock Learning, the leading national provider of online education for licensed appraisers, today announced the launch of its new Banking Suite of innovative online education for banking and lending professionals.

“There’s often a knowledge gap between real estate appraisal reports and how these reports are used within banks and lending institutions,” said Melissa Wilson, Vice President of Business Development, McKissock Learning. “We’re bridging that gap with these courses, the first of their kind in the industry. We’ve spent decades educating the real estate appraisal community and are leveraging this expertise and our internal knowledge of the mortgage lending process to design courses. The courses will aid banking and lending professionals in mitigating valuation risk, staying compliant, and improving bank examination scores by enhancing the safety and soundness of their real estate valuation programs.”

The first three Banking Suite courses will provide lenders and regulators with the knowledge to better evaluate an appraisal report for USPAP compliance, highlight best practices for a regulatory-compliant appraisal review operation, and emphasize the mechanics of appraisal review, specifically focusing on how to assess the credibility of a single family appraisal report.

Details of these courses include:

Evaluating a Report for USPAP Compliance

Developed by The Appraisal Foundation, and powered by McKissock Learning, this online course gives lending professionals a better understanding of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and its relevance in the lending process. Professionals will better understand how USPAP applies to the various steps in the appraisal process, how to apply the competency rule in selecting a qualified appraiser, comprehend Intended Use and Intended User, and more.

Best Practices for an Appraisal Review Operation

This course covers the regulatory landscape of appraisal review and the selection of the best valuation product based on overall risk. Professionals will be able to identify weaknesses in any current appraisal review operation (outsourced or in-house) and be introduced to potential solutions for achieving a more robust review process while balancing economy, efficiency, and risk.

The Mechanics of Appraisal Review: Single Family Residential

This course is designed to help banking and lending professionals assess the credibility of a single-family appraisal report. The course departs from conventional appraisal review courses based on finding common errors. Instead, the course emphasizes the mechanics of appraisal review by covering overlooked areas in an appraisal and assists in evaluating the acceptability of logic and reasoning displayed in an appraisal report, weighing the overall risk of the appraisal, and understanding the marketability risk of the collateral.

McKissock Learning has been offering real estate professionals, property appraisers, home inspectors, land surveyors, and engineers a wide range of education and professional development courses across a nationally accredited platform for more than 27 years. The company created these courses from a deep understanding of real estate appraisal and the valuation industry.

Additional courses are under development, including topics such as how to choose the right valuation service, evaluations and desktop appraisals, commercial review, and more. For more information or to enroll in courses today, visit For sales inquiries, please contact Melissa Wilson at

McKissock Learning is a leading brand under Colibri Group, an online education company that serves more than 1,000,000 professionals each education period in real estate, healthcare, and financial services industries, among others. Securities Training Corporation (STC), the market leader in securities licensing and another leading brand in the Colibri Group portfolio, will extend McKissock Learning’s new Banking Suite to its retail banking and mortgage clients.


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For McKissock Learning Media Inquiries
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