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MonsterCloud’s Cyberterrorism Crisis Response program restores files, computers and servers to pre-attack status, and is available 24x7 for any police or sheriff department MonsterCloud

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MonsterCloud’s Cyberterrorism Crisis Response program restores files, computers and servers to pre-attack status, and is available 24x7 for any police or sheriff department

Zohar Pinhasi, CEO of MonsterCloud Cybersecurity, a company that specializes in cyberterrorism and ransomware recovery for an ever-expanding list of clients, has noticed a recent uptick in calls for help from law enforcement agencies around the country. It makes him very angry.

“Targeting the agencies who help people in need and save lives, and then compromising their ability to respond to emergencies is unconscionable,” said Pinhasi. “Our message to these cyberterrorists is clear: law enforcement agencies across the USA have a strong ally — MonsterCloud. We’re honored to provide free cyberterrorism consultation and ransomware recovery services for these local heroes.”

The MonsterCloud Cyberterrorism Crisis Response program is available to any qualified police or sheriff department that has fallen victim to a Cyberterrorism or a ransomware attack. This comprehensive program includes:

1. Identify the point of infection. To secure the network, MonsterCloud’s cyberterrorism experts will identify the point of infection and then lock it to prevent future intrusions.

2. Data recovery. MonsterCloud restores all machines to pre-attack status.

3. Network clean. MonsterCloud deploys software agents to scan for hidden payloads and other ticking time bombs.

Ransomware prevents law enforcement agencies from serving their communities

Recently, Pinhasi and his team at MonsterCloud Cybersecurity have successfully disarmed ransomware and recovered essential computer systems for several sheriff’s departments across the south. In all three cases, the ransomware had effectively disabled all computer systems: email, servers, websites, and files that held critical information.

“We’re not usually the recipients of help. We usually get called to help others. But the day we got hit put us in desperate need of immediate assistance,” said Ward Calhoun, chief deputy of Lauderdale County sheriff’s department in Meridian, Mississippi. “The ransomware attack locked us out of more than 20 years’ worth of data, including incident reports, jail files, and current case notes — everything we needed, day-to-day, to take care of the citizens of Lauderdale County — was in jeopardy. MonsterCloud responded quickly and had us back to full operational status within 48 hours.”

Watch these videos of other cyberterrorism cases that MonsterCloud has resolved for law-enforcement agencies.

Has your law enforcement agency been targeted by cyberterrorists?

Here’s what you should do. First: shut down all your machines to prevent further infection on the network. Let MonsterCloud experts intervene to minimize further infection and damage to your network and data. MonsterCloud’s ransomware response team is ready to help with our guaranteed ransomware recovery process.

  • 24/7 availability. We know time is of the essence, so we’re available any time to take a call or request.
  • Fast disinfection and ransomware recovery. We’ll diagnose the extent of the virus and eradicate ransomware within a few hours, in most cases.
  • Expert file recovery. Every situation is unique. Our computer experts have seen every type of ransomware extortion scheme and are skilled at restoring locked files. Attempting this yourself can result in permanent data loss.
  • Years of experience. We’re arguably the best in the business. Our trusted experts resolve cases that others cannot handle, and work with businesses of all sizes – from small businesses to enterprises with hundreds of computers. We’ve worked with all known types of ransomware and know the DNA and fingerprints of every cyberterrorist organization.

“When civilians get hacked and infected with ransomware, they call the police. When law enforcement agencies get hacked and infected with ransomware, they call MonsterCloud Cybersecurity,” added Pinhasi. “The MonsterCloud Cyberterrorism Crisis Response program for law enforcement is our way of giving back to the community.”

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